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Tag: PayPal

Deconstructing eBay, Part 3 of 3

A look at the new eBay policy announcement and the likely effect on eBay sellers The last few parts of the announcements include a new dispute resolution process, free access to eBay Selling Manager, moving the shipping process from PayPal to eBay and tools to bulk edit your listings. The new Dispute Resolution Process will […]

Follow up to Kim Komando Trashing eBay over Fake Merchandise

Yesterday’s post noted that Kim Komando is trashing eBay to her millions of radio listeners over the subject of fake and counterfeit goods showing up on eBay. BEFORE I GET STARTED –ONE ANNOUNCEMENT: eBay has a Value Pack bundle of listing upgrades for 25¢ during this 1-day special offer today only. Value Pack gives you 3 […]

BidPay: Is It Really an Alternative to PayPal?

The new BidPay is growing in leaps and bounds. It’s time to re-evaluate it’s position in the marketplace. BidPay. Everyone’s heard of them. But did you know that they are completely different from their pre- June 2006 existence? BidPay was purchased by CyberSource which is one of the biggest global credit card payment service providers. CyberSource […]

eBay Positions PayPal as the Only Safe Payment Option

eBay is discontinuing it’s Standard Purchase Protection Program so only buyers who use PayPal can make a claim to get their money back. For years eBay has offered the eBay Standard Purchase Protection Program. This meant if a buyer got screwed they could file a claim through eBay, pay a $25 processing fee, and eBay […]

Top Five Reasons eBay Sellers Fail #2

Not Accepting PayPal and Credit Cards – #2 in a 5-part series. Trying to run an eBay business without taking PayPal is a prescription for disaster. Despite the success of PayPal –over 75% of all eBay users have a PayPal account; I still see auctions every day where the seller says in big bold letters: […]

Chargeback Protection for eBay Sellers From PayPal Can Save You Hundreds Of Dollars

Chargebacks are a serious issue for eBay sellers. See how PayPal is working in your favor to help protect you from chargebacks. Chargebacks are one of the most frustrating and costly aspects of credit card payments. If you have a dispute with an eBay buyer, you can go back and forth via email numerous times, think […]

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