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      Tag: eBay Wholesale Products & Product Sourcing

      $50-off Coupon on Wholesale Membership

      Whether you sell new products on eBay, Amazon or have an Online Store you need real Wholesalers. And if you don’t have a Worldwide Brands Wholesale Membership.. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET IT! Until the end of the year I’ve gotten a hold of a $50 OFF Coupon for the FULL VERSION of Worldwide […]

      Successful eBay Niche Marketing Strategies

      author of Ten Little Known Highly Profitable eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do This is a pretty long blog post, but its a very important subject and I hope my readers can learn a lot from it. The things I talk about here are aimed mostly at eBay sellers, but this information can help you […]

      Alibaba & eBay – The Rest of The Story

      Yesterday I posted about the recent purchase of eBay auction management company, Vendio,  by Chinese company Alibaba.  At the end of that post I promised to tell you the backstory about eBay and Alibaba. So here goes: This goes back about 5 years. Those of you who attended eBay Live in San Jose or Las […]

      FREE eBay Wholesale Information for Sellers

      Free eBay Wholesale Information for Sellers One of the best way to find wholesale sources is to look where they advertise.  There is a great little wholesale magazine called Web Wholesaler that you can subscribe to for FREE.  Besides some great articles and information, each issue is loaded with advertisement from wholesalers who are looking […]

      Free Wholeslae Sources for eBay & Amazon Sellers

      eBay Wholesale Sources I just returned from the ASD/AMD Wholesale Trade Show in Las Vegas. This is one of the largest wholesale trade shows in the world with over 4,000 vendors showing their products and looking for people like you to buy from them. Wholesale Products for eBay & Amazon I listed a lot of […]

      Are eBay Drop Ship Suppliers Legitimate?

      The answer to that question depends on the kind of drop shipper you are looking at.  I like to place drop shippers in four categories: Total scams Large general product dropshippers Specialized drop shippers Small and medium-sized manufacturers that drop ship.   Let’s take a look at each one. 1. Total Scams – there are […]

      Free Product Sourcing Magazines for eBay Sellers

      Global Sources is a wholesale product sourcing website where manufacturers (mostly in Asia) advertise wholeslale products for export to the US.  Global Sources publishes a series of magazines for their customers. They have recently started offeing free copies of the electronic version to anyone who wants them. Here is the link where you can download […]

      New Wholesale and Drop Shipper Source for eBay Sellers

      Finding good dropshippers and wholesale suppliers for eBay is a challenge for every eBay seller. Here is one place you can look I recently found a new listing of eBay wholesale suppliers and drop shippers called Aid & Trade. Like all wholesale lists it has its flaws –there are always some suppliers who manage to […]

      FREE Drop Ship Information and eBay Expands Pre-Filled Item Sales

      Two items today; First, my readers can download DROP SHIP FOCUS for FREE and you can now list hundreds more items on eBay quickly with pre-filled information. Drop Ship Focus is a wholesale information product that used to sell for $97.  It is now free to my readers as a way to introduce you to […]

      Find eBay Dropshippers and Light Bulk Wholesale Sources with Special Offers from WorldWide Brands OneSource

      Worldwide Brands is running a special offer for my readers through the end of April If you sell on eBay or run a small website business you know that eBay wholesale product sourcing is one of the biggest challenges. WorldWide Brands is the most respected source of true wholesale information, training, research and wholesale sources for […]

      Why Should I Use Drop Shippers? by Jim Staley, CEO Wholesale Gopher

      Find Legitimate Drop ship Sources to Sell on eBay I asked Jim Staley to write this article for my readers on the subject of dropshipping merchandise to sell on eBay or your web site. Wholesale Gopher is a search engine where sellers can find wholesale dealers who will work with small and large sellers alike. […]

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