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Tag: ebay counterfeit

Bomb Threat at eBay Headquarters, eBay Tiffany Trial opens in New York and eBay Sellers Cleaning Up on PlayStation 3 Dual-shock

San Jose, CA Police report that a suspicious package was found at the Hamilton Avenue headquarters of eBay, Inc. Over 250 eBay employees were told to evacuate the building at that they could work from other buildings on the campus which is located near a high-end residential area, or work from home. The San Jose […]

Fake, or Counterfeit Merchandise on eBay Hurts all eBay Sellers

Fake goods could cost you thousands and kill your eBay business Fakes on eBay is a huge problem for buyers and sellers alike. eBay marketing is already tough these days, but the huge problem of counterfeit merchandise on eBay makes it even harder. We used to sell brand name designer goods such as Prada and […]

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