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Tag: Amazon sellers

Another Way to Learn How to Sell on Amazon

I just had an opportunity to review a new Amazon Selling Course.  It’s called FBA Stars. Their basic claim is “Learn How to Find $30,000 A MONTH in Products to Sell on Amazon in just weeks with the FBA Stars Course!” and when I thoroughly reviewed the course they seem to deliver on that promise. […]

Is eBay About to Ban Using Amazon FBA to Fulfill Orders

eBay already prohibits listing an item on eBay then purchasing the item with your Amazon Prime Account so you get free 2-day shipping.  When you do this the eBay buyer gets a gift receipt from Amazon in the box and when this happens they often get upset and complain to eBay as well as leaving […]

Is FBA Still Worth the Cost?

My wife and I have been selling on Amazon since 2006 and using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) since 2010.  It’s no secret that FBA fees (and sizing standards) have gone up substantially over the last few years. FBA has a ton of advantages: For one thing if you are selling 20 to 30 items a […]

New Wholesale Sources for eBay & Amazon Sellers for Feb 2019

Remember; many wholesalers do not want the general public to see their wholesale pricing.  So they will often send you to a retail site or a website with no pricing.  When you see that, do two things:  First, look for a link to register for a wholesale account and if you don’t see that, then […]

Websites Affiliate System That converts ANY type of “make money” traffic.

This is a new twist on affiliate marketing.  This promo was originally created in late 2018, but I emailed the developer and he says the system is still working fine Secret Websites converts to ANY type of “make money” traffic. I didn’t stumble on this by accident.  One of my readers alerted me to it.  […]

How to Contact Wholesale Sources & Get Results

With all of the information on the web today it’s very easy to find the manufacturer or distributor of any product. Most manufacturers have a website, and websites usually have Contact Us forms where you can send an email. The trick to being taken seriously is to write the proper type of email. You have […]

Amazon 2019 Fee Changes – Most Going Up – But, a Few Going Down

Here is the announcement from Amazon in their own words: Fulfillment fees We will make no changes to fulfillment fees for small standard-size and large standard-size items with a shipping weight of 10 oz or less. We will implement small increases in fulfillment fees for products in other size tiers to reflect fulfillment and transportation […]

I am Reducing Prices On All of My Training Courses

One of the sad truths about my business is that my sales go up when the economy is bad. However, the economy has been so good for the past year that my sales have fallen.  So, I have decided to reduce the price of my training manuals. Here are the old and new prices of […]

Take Time to Succeed

This morning when I checked my email, there were two emails that came in just minutes apart –but that were poles apart in content. The first email was from a person who wanted a refund on my book How to Make Money Selling Used Books on eBay, Amazon and The Internet. The reader said he […]

Use Check Permission to See if your Item is Restricted on Amazon

You might also want to investigate CheckPermission.  Experienced Amazon (U.S.) sellers, use Check Permission for instant, on-page notification that tells them whether not they are authorized to sell any Amazon product!  

What is the hottest product on Amazon?

The Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle by Outward Hound is the most gifted dog toy on Amazon , and the most reviewed. Why?   The Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle  has over 10,000 reviews and an overall total of 4.3 stars on Amazon. Not only is a great toy toy that will keep your dog entertained, it also offers a high […]

Amazon US FBA and referral fee changes are coming in February 2019.

Amazon Notification This should not be a surprise because Amazon does this every year.  Fulfillment by Amazon US FBA and referral fee changes are coming in February 2019. For complete details, visit amazon.com/selling-fee-changes.  NOTE:  You must be logged into Seller Central to see this page. In other news – Have you heard that Amazon founder […]

New FREE Wholesale Sources for eBay & Amazon Sellers

Remember – not all of these websites show wholesale products and pricing.  When you run into that situation, first look to see if there is a link to register.  If not, use the Contact Us form to request wholesale information. Indo Trading USA is a closeout company that carries merchandise specifically for online (incl. eBay […]

Reminder Amazon Minimum long-term storage fees

Don’t forget – Amazon now has a new minimum Long Term Storage fee Starting August 15, 2018, items that have been in a fulfillment center for more than 365 days will be subject to a minimum fee of $0.50 per unit per month. Either the long-term storage fee or the minimum fee will apply, whichever […]

New Wholesale Sources for eBay, Amazon and Online Sellers

Remember – many of these websites do not carry wholesale information.  When you see that, simply use the Contact Us section of the website to request wholesale information Alice’s Cottage carries an extensive line of fabric home accessories, gifts, kitchen textiles and lavender scented products, as well as a paper line of note pads, cocktail […]

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