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Updated Product – How to Make a Living Working from Home

I’ve just updated How to Make a Living Working from Home.  The book used to contain plans for six home businesses.  However the new version has seven home businesses.  Click on the above link to see the book’s table of contents.  You’ll see the seven home businesses discussed in the book.  How to Make a Living Working […]

Early May 2015 Issue of eBay and Amazon Sellers News

The May Issue of The eBay & Amazon Sellers News is Now Online.  You can click here to read the current issue. Did you miss the newsletter?  Not to worry, we keep archived versions online for several years.  You can find this newsletter here. IN THIS ISSUE 1. eBay To Change Their Feedback Program 2. […]

The March 26 Issue of the eBay and Amazon Sellers News

The March 26 Issue of the eBay and Amazon Sellers news is now online. You can click here to read  the current issue.  Did you miss the newsletter?  Not to worry, we keep archived versions online for several years.  You can find this newsletter here. In This Issue 1.  Registering Your Private Label Brand on […]

Annual ASD Wholesale Sourcing Newsletter

Check out the March 11,  2015 edition of The eBay and Amazon Online Sellers News.  It’s our annual wholesale sourcing issue. IN THIS ISSUE 1. New Wholesale Sources from The ASD Trade Show 2. When Does It Make Sense to Merchant Fulfill vs. FBA 3. Trial Balloon for a China Sourcing Trip 4. Guest Article […]

Brands can’t use copyright to stop resales, court confirms

This is a major decision that will affect all eBay and Amazon sellers. Brands can’t use copyright to stop resales, court confirms In 2013, the fate of everything from used bookstores to neighborhood garage sales hung in the balance as the Supreme Court decided whether it was legal for people to sell secondhand goods without […]

Dealing with Amazon FBA Split Shipments

One of the real pains related to creating Amazon shipments to FBA is that Amazon will often split your shipments up between several warehouses – essentially doubling your workload and shipping cost.   Well when I was having dinner in Las Vegas with John Bullard and his Mastermind group, I learned a little trick to avoid […]

How to properly outsource a project to a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

Today’s post is a guest post by Carlo Silva of 2nd Office in the Philippines.  2nd Office is the VA company I work with in the Philippines.  visit their website for more info.  2nd Office Website Outsourcing tedious tasks to a virtual assistant in the Philippines is the latest trend these days for Amazon, eBay […]

Twenty Tips for Selling on Amazon – Tip # 15

15. Go the extra mile to remove negative feedback – When ever I get a neutral or negative feedback, the first thing I do is immediately email the customer with a very sincere apology and I include a $10 Amazon gift card as a token of my sincerity.  I do not ask the customer to […]

5 Sure Ways to Increase Your Brick-and-Mortar Business’ Revenue Online

Today’s post is a guest post from Eunisse De Leon 5 Sure Ways to Increase Your Brick-and-Mortar Business’ Revenue Online   With the increasing number of people using the Internet to browse and purchase products, more and more brick-and-mortar business owners are now investing in growing their presence on the World Wide Web. However, establishing […]

Converting Lookers Into Buyers – What Shoppers Don’t Like in Online Store

When you consider there are millions of websites, just having a customer arrive at your online store is a huge accomplishment. Now that they are here, how do you get them to “buy?” It may seem like an easy thing to do, but the reality is actually the opposite. Shopping cart abandonment rates run as […]

How to (Still) Make Money from Your Old Amazon Inventory

February 15th is coming soon—and that means you either have to do something to sell your remaining inventory or shoulder the Long-Term Storage fee charged by Amazon. Of course, the latter should NOT be an option, if you’d ask me—which leaves us with the first one. But how can you possibly clear your old inventory […]

eBay Tools to Help You Reach Top Rated Seller Status

eBay tools to help you reach Top Rated Seller Status To be a successful seller on eBay, you need the right tools. Below are some great tools that will help you reach top rated seller status within a few months. Terapeak Looking for products on eBay, but don’t know what to sell? Terapeak will help […]

Easy and Cheap international shipping with eBay’s new Global Shipping Program

If you’re like most sellers, shipping internationally can be a lot of work and expensive for your buyers. There are customs forms you have to deal with, import charges that your buyers never want to pay for, and expensive shipping costs. Shipping internationally is definitely not easy, but the international market is huge and there […]

What Will The New Year Bring for Online Sellers?

As I sit here and write this with only 2-days left in 2012, the politicians in Washington are still arguing over the Fiscal Cliff.  There are days I wish we could just push the politicians off a cliff and start over again. Higher Taxes Coming on All of Us No matter how the negotiations end […]

Save over $200 and meet a guy who actually lives on the beach and makes a living online

  Jim Cockrum is running an excellent Thanksgiving promotion from today through the end of the month. Jim is always up to stuff that you have to see to believe. He just did an interview with a student who literally lives ON THE BEACH in Jamaica and is on course to sell $200K in physical […]

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