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Determining Your True Selling Costs on eBay and Amazon

If I asked you how much it costs you to sell on eBay or Amazon, you might know if you would look up the fee schedule and say something like: “Amazon’s commission is 15% or eBay and PayPal fees average around 12 to 13%. If listing and selling fees were your only costs, you would […]

Reader Questions Will Now Be Answered in this Blog

I get a lot of general knowledge questions in email from my readers.  It has occurred to me that if one reader has a question, then others may be needing the same information.  So, going forward when I get a question that I think may have broad interest I will address it in the blog. […]

July Newsletter is Available!

The early July  issue of eBay & Amazon Sellers News is now online.  You can click here to read the current issue.  Did you miss the newsletter?  Not to worry, we keep archived versions online for several years.  You can find this newsletter here. In this Issue: Are Your Backing Up Your Business? Amazon Changing Their […]

Online Payment Gateways for Your E-Commerce Business

You’re planning to have your very own e-commerce website where seamless online shopping is guaranteed. You want to provide the best shopping experience for your customers so you’ve been thinking of the tools that you can use for the checkout process. When it comes to online payment gateways, there are a variety of options that […]

My Favorite Website Builder and Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Let’s put the cart before the horse:  For the past seven years I have used PayPal to process sales on my website.  I have known for a long time that I was getting what online marketers call Shopping Cart Abandonment.  How did I know this?  Well when I look at my Hitslink analysis […]

Is PayPal The Next To Go?

eBay’ s decision to spin off Skype was a brilliant decision, so could PayPal be next? eBay overpaid for Skype and they never succeeded in integrating it into the eBay platform. Yet Skype continued to grow and its prospects for the future are excellent. So eBay’s decision to spin Skype off into their own IPO […]

Deconstructing eBay, Part 3 of 3

A look at the new eBay policy announcement and the likely effect on eBay sellers The last few parts of the announcements include a new dispute resolution process, free access to eBay Selling Manager, moving the shipping process from PayPal to eBay and tools to bulk edit your listings. The new Dispute Resolution Process will […]

Is ProPay a Good Alternative To PayPal for eBay Sellers?

In my opinion NOT Now, but it may not hurt to have it. eBay and ProPay announced their deal for eBay sellers that will take effect next week. Starting next week, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium eBay Power Sellers can sign up for ProPay and integrate ProPay into their eBay business much like they now […]

Free eBay and PayPal Fee Calculator

Know your fees before you sell Here is a great little free tool for eBay sellers. It is an online calculator that calculates eBay and PayPal fees to help you decide the best price and format to list an item on eBay.  If you are running an eBay business this is a great little tool […]

Does All-electronic Checkout Make Sense for eBay and eBay Sellers?

eBay sellers are concerned about losing the ability to accept personal checks and money orders. What will the actual effect be on your eBay business? In the early days of eBay when PayPal was growing like wildfire, most of our business was via personal check or money order. In those days trust was still a […]

PayPal to Share Seller Information with the IRS

PayPal reached an agreement to share seller income information with the IRS starting in 2012 The new requirement was mandated by The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 recently passed by Congress. President Bush signed the bill into law on July 30. The bill and applies to all payment providers but PayPal negotiated with the IRS to only provide information […]

The Firestorm Over The New eBay Feedback Policy Keeps Growing

In 8 years on eBay I have never seen an issue ignite this much passion. Any time there is a change to feedback policy it always stirs up passions, but this one takes the cake. If you saw my post yesterday you know that I am no fan of the new feedback policy that stipulates […]

Follow up to Kim Komando Trashing eBay over Fake Merchandise

Yesterday’s post noted that Kim Komando is trashing eBay to her millions of radio listeners over the subject of fake and counterfeit goods showing up on eBay. BEFORE I GET STARTED –ONE ANNOUNCEMENT: eBay has a Value Pack bundle of listing upgrades for 25¢ during this 1-day special offer today only. Value Pack gives you 3 […]

BidPay: Is It Really an Alternative to PayPal?

The new BidPay is growing in leaps and bounds. It’s time to re-evaluate it’s position in the marketplace. BidPay. Everyone’s heard of them. But did you know that they are completely different from their pre- June 2006 existence? BidPay was purchased by CyberSource which is one of the biggest global credit card payment service providers. CyberSource […]

eBay Positions PayPal as the Only Safe Payment Option

eBay is discontinuing it’s Standard Purchase Protection Program so only buyers who use PayPal can make a claim to get their money back. For years eBay has offered the eBay Standard Purchase Protection Program. This meant if a buyer got screwed they could file a claim through eBay, pay a $25 processing fee, and eBay […]

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