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Sell More, and Make More Money on eBay With Good Photos

The ability to take good photos is an very important skill for the eBay seller. Better photos will make you more money. ebay Image Tips You will make more money on eBay if you use appealing photos and a basic photo strategy. Always use eBay Gallery.  I know it costs a few cents, but eBay […]

Turning Words Into Dollars: Writing Winning Auction Descriptions

I spent two hours yesterday scanning over 100 auctions. In my opinion, only about 12 out of the 100 were well-written, complete and compelling I am not talking about lacking professional-level writing skills – many of the auctions I saw would not impress a 5th grade teacher. If you want to learn how to make […]

A new incentive to become an eBay PowerSeller

A new pilot program has just been launched to credit PowerSellers Feature fees on unpaid items I’m a PowerSeller, so obviously I am thrilled about this new feature that will credit me back my Featuring fees when a buyer doesn’t pay for an item. But I have a feeling not all eBay users will feel […]

What Is The Best Time to Start an Auction on eBay

If you want to make more money on eBay, the better question to ask is when should my auctions end. Deciding which day to start a listing depends on the auction duration you select. eBay offers 1, 3, 5,  7 and 10-day auctions. Statistically auctions ending Sunday and Monday evening between 5PM-7PM Pacific Time (all […]

Power Words in eBay Listings and Titles Will Help You Make More Money on eBay

Here are ten power words that you should use in your auction titles and listings to increase your bids, conversions and final values on eBay. If you want to make money on eBay, learn how to write auction titles and descriptions that sell.  Using these power words will put more punch in your eBay auctions […]

New eBay Research Software that Quickly Uncovers What Consumers Want to Buy

What are the most wanted items on eBay? This can easily be answered by utilizing a new software tool called AuctionYen that analyzes eBay’s Want It Now. Ever wondered what eBay buyers really want to buy? This question has challenged online marketers for years until the release of a unique brand new software tool called […]

Can eBay Sellers Still Make Money With Higher eBay Fees and Lower Sell-Through-Rates?

A falling STR is a recipe for losing money on eBay! Recent eBay fee increases have not been that high, but sell-through-rates (STR) are dropping all across eBay which effectively increases your listing fees as a percentage of total sales. Your STR on eBay is nothing more than the percentage of auctions launched that resulted […]

Clear out slow moving products and make more money on eBay with Markdown Manager.

When a retail store wants to clear out slow selling or end-of-season merchandise they have a sale. eBay’s Markdown Manager allows eBay sellers to do the same thing. You can now run sales from your eBay stores with eBay’s Markdown Manager. Best of all it’s a free tool available to any store owner. eBay sellers […]

How To Dominate Your Niche Market on eBay

Build your eBay business, crush the competition and increase your eBay profits by dominating your niche. There are several advantages to building a niche market on eBay.  Among them are less competition and therefore the ability to retain pricing power. But an overlooked advantage is the ability to concentrate your resources and dominate your niche.  […]

eBay Selling Tools and A New Drop Shipping Scam

Two items today: A fabulous free resource to help you research and find both free and paid eBay selling tools and alert you to a new form of the drop ship scam. eBay Selling Tools Auction Software Review has been around a few years, but I hadn’t been to the site for a while. I […]

Can You Still Make Money Selling Used Books on eBay?

Used books are big sellers on eBay and this is a very easy business to start. There are dozens of sellers on eBay making over $1000 a week selling used books. Books are a huge and very profitable category on eBay. Although many sellers sell new book, used books are actually the most profitable and […]

Learn How To Succeed on eBay From Two Irish Power Sellers

I always stress the learning the basics well when trying to teach others how to sell on eBay. Karen was surfing YouTube the other day and came across a short video of a charming Irish couple, Davoc and Anne, who are very successful eBay power sellers.  If you watch the video, and listen to their […]

To Feature –Or Not To Feature? That is the question.

eBay listing feature services are expensive. Are they worth it? The answer is critical to making money on eBay There are three types of featured auctions on eBay. Home Page Featured costs $39.95 for a single item and $79.95 for a Dutch auction. Featured Plus (also known as category featured) costs $19.95 irrespective of quantity. […]

How To Find Products at a Wholesale Trade Show That Will Sell on eBay

Trade shows are a great place to find products that will make money on eBay, but you have to think through what you are doing and apply some research. One of my readers is an eBay seller who is about to attend a large industry wholesale trade show. He sent me an email asking how to find products […]

What Can I Sell on eBay

You can sell almost anything on eBay, but can you make money doing it is the real question. The answer may not lay with the latest hottest consumer products. A lot of people use eBay to get a bargain on the latest hottest consumer product be it a really hot toy, the coolest electronic gadget […]

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