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Taking Your Retail Business to Amazon

How expanding your retail business to Amazon can increase your profits and sales with little on no investment on your part.   By: Skip McGrath If you are like most retail stores the size of your market is limited by your location. If you are in a busy shopping mall you get thousands of potential customers […]

Generating Traffic to Your Website without Paying for Pay-per-click

I don’t often do a blog post to recommend a product, but this one is so cool and it stands to save me about $1000 a month on my Pay Per Click Advertising A few days ago I bought a product from a guy in the UK who goes by the name of Latif. It is […]

Long Awaited Google Assassin Launches Today

The author of Day Job Killer and Project X is at it again. His latest product, Google Assassin launches today at Noon Pacific and 3 PM Eastern Some of you may remember that I helped Promote the highly profitable Google AdSense program Day Job Killer earlier this year.  That was followed by Project X that showed […]

Day Job Killer and Update on Selling Info Products on eBay

The Day Job Killer is the Latest Product from the Creator of Project X. This is not for everyone. But if you want to make money from affiliate programs and Google AdSense You will want to see this. This blog is for eBay sellers, but a lot of my readers also have websites and like […]

More problems for eBay sellers. eBay and Google agree to cross platform advertising.

ebay goes to great lenghts to keep sellers on the eBay platform, now they are going to drive your buyers to Google advertisers. Following eBay’s agreement with Yahoo on PayPal and pay per click advertising, eBay and Google today announced a multi-year agreement involving text-based advertising and “click-to-call” (Read Skype) advertising functionality. First eBay made […]

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