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Free Wholeslae Sources for eBay & Amazon Sellers

eBay Wholesale Sources I just returned from the ASD/AMD Wholesale Trade Show in Las Vegas. This is one of the largest wholesale trade shows in the world with over 4,000 vendors showing their products and looking for people like you to buy from them. Wholesale Products for eBay & Amazon I listed a lot of […]

Free Wholesale Sources for eBay Sellers

My latest newsletter is out.  I just returned from the ASD/AMD wholesale trade show in Las Vegas where I connected with over 200 new wholesale sources who will work with small eBay sellers.  I listed 40 of them in the latest issue of The eBay & Online Sellers News. The rest of them will be […]

What to Sell on eBay? Finding eBay profits at Wholesale Dealer Auctions

Wholesale dealer auctions are a great source of merchandise to sell on eBay, but you have to be very, very careful. In one of my first books when I wrote about wholesale dealer auctions, I said that if you have a desire to be mugged, you can walk in Central Park after midnight or you […]

Global sources offers Free Wholesale Sourcing Magazines

Global Sources is running a special promotion where readers can get copies of their award winning wholesale sourcing magazines for free Readers have a choice of several magazines –just select your product category. They include: Sports & Leisure Auto Parts & Accessories Baby & Children’s Products  & Apparel Hardware, Tools & DIY Computer Products & Components […]

Find Wholesale Sources Your Competition Can’t and Tons of Free Online Marketing Information

Little know free resource for finding niche wholesale suppliers for eBay, Amazon and your Website This is a great little wholesale sourcing secret and it’s a free way to find eBay wholesale sources. I told my readers about this tip last year and several of them wrote me that they had great luck with this.  It is not […]

Free Video Series on eBay Wholesale Sourcing and Building Your eBay Business Now Available

If your business is struggling or if your are trying to figure out how to grow your eBay business, here is a video series that can help you. Wholesale Sourcing for eBay The series consists of 5 videos and several free bonuses for opting into see the series. I have seen the first two videos […]

eBay Live Registration Opens March 14th. Will this be the last eBay Live?

Rumors are flying that this could be the last eBay Live I have been trying to get these rumors confirmed or denied by eBay but so far have not had any luck. I hope they are untrue, as we always enjoy eBay Live. I will be speaking at this year’s eBay Live on the topic […]

What is the real secret to making money on eBay?

That headline is one of the most frequent reader emails I get followed by what sells best on eBay or what should I sell on eBay. A few weeks ago I shared a list of some of the awful terms that sellers use in their auctions. Today, I thought I would share some of the […]

Two Easy To Use Wholesale Sources for Your eBay Business

Global Sources Direct and The eBay Reseller Marketplace are great places to find wholesale product in small lots to sell on eBay. Global Sources Direct is a unique service provided by the global wholesale sourcing services, Global Sources.  This great little site features small lots –most under $200 and you can pay with PayPal. The products […]

Is eBay Going To Be Fun Again

eBay is stressing FUN as a way to get the buyers back If you have seen the eBay TV commercials Shop Victoriously it is pretty obvious that eBay is stressing winning instead of shopping. In another move, eBay today announced eBay Countdown. eBay Countdown is a new way to track and win items on eBay. […]

Is eBay’s Advertising Policy Disingenuous?

I have long been a critic of eBay’s policy of placing non-eBay ads on search results and other eBay pages. This week Steve Hartman, the Director of On-Site Advertising for eBay sent out a message trying to clarify eBay’s policy of placing ads for non-eBay services on the site.  Here is part of what Steve […]

If I Sell Used Goods on eBay, Does That Make Me a Junk Dealer?

User merchandise including art, antiques and collectibles make up approximately 30% of eBay sales. I saw a sales letter for an eBay learning product the other day that stressed they would teach you how to sell new merchandise including the latest hottest products –and you wouldn’t have to make a living selling other people’s junk. […]

eBay Sellers: Learn The Lingo If You Want to Buy Wholesale

The wholesale industry is like most others in that is uses specific jargon, abbreviations and lingo. If you don’t know the lingo they will know you are an amateur. I got an email from a reader who had just attended her first trade show.  She told me she had heard all kinds of terms and […]

Selling Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Hermes Designer Handbags on eBay

I am often asked where my readers can find authentic designer goods such as handbags, shoes, and clothing to sell on eBay My wife and I used to sell famous name designer goods on eBay but this has become a very difficult market –although not impossible as long as you are careful. There are three reasons […]

Sourcing Wholesale, Surplus and Liquidation Products for Your eBay Business

Chad Maslak has come up with the ultimate resource that teaches eBay and website sellers how to make money sourcing surplus and liquidation products. I have been working on updating my best selling book, The eBay Wholesale Buying System, for the past month. When going through the material, I decided to update and expand the section […]

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