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What is The Best Digital Camera for eBay Sellers?

I get this question all the time. There are dozens of models of digital cameras that will work with eBay –but there are plenty of cameras that won’t work either. At the end of this article is a link to actual cameras that I recommend –but any camera that meets the following criteria will also […]

Some Cool Tools for eBay and Amazon Sellers

Magnitize is a free service where you can get a personal website to act as your home base for connections to Twitter, Facebook and any other websites you have.  Its sort of like having an online business card. Karen was sitting in a workshop at the Amazon conference and asked if anyone knew of a […]

When Should You Start and End Halloween Auctions on eBay?

Halloween is fast approaching us. Although temporary –Halloween is a very profitable niche on eBay. Candy and Costumes will start appearing in the stores before we know it. Every year there are popular costumes that stores run out of within a few days or weeks of hitting the shelves.   The best way to find […]

eBay Shipping Tips To Increase Profits

 There are three ways to recover shipping costs on eBay: 1. Offer free shipping and build the cost into your starting price 2. Offer calculated shipping and charge buyers the actual shipping cost 3. Pre-calculate a fixed shipping price  (Shipping Tip: If you are shipping via Priority mail, check out the weight and see if […]

Summer Slowdown on eBay to End Soon

Just a short post today to let everyone know that the traditional summer slowdown on eBay is about to end.  I have been selling on eBay for ten years and have seen the same thing every August. The slowdown typically starts a little bit in July and then cascades into the middle of august. The […]

Are Sunday and Monday Evenings Still the Best Time to End an eBay Auction Listing?

The answer may surprise you. I saw an article in the San Francisco Chronicle Online edition this week about finding the best time and day to end an auction. Theoretically you want to end an auction when the most number of people are on eBay. Conventional wisdom and some data mining has indicated that Sunday […]

77 eBay Tips, Tools and Resources for eBay Sellers

Just Updated: 77 Free eBay Tips to help eBay sellers avoid mistakes, sell more items and build your eBay business I have been publishing my free eBay tips for the past 6 years. As you can imagine with all of the changes on eBay and the services provided by third parties, these need to be updated frequently. The […]

Interview With eBay Titanium PowerSeller, Ron Saxton and Links to Free eBay Tips, Tools and Resources

Learn how a Titanium Power Seller Runs his business and where he is selling now Last week I did a recorded interview with eBay Titanium Power Seller, Ron Saxton. We spoke about how he runs his eBay business, the state of eBay today, other online venues such as Amazon and we even discussed the eBay […]

Is ProPay a Good Alternative To PayPal for eBay Sellers?

In my opinion NOT Now, but it may not hurt to have it. eBay and ProPay announced their deal for eBay sellers that will take effect next week. Starting next week, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium eBay Power Sellers can sign up for ProPay and integrate ProPay into their eBay business much like they now […]

Help for eBay Sellers Who Want to Sell and Ship Large or Heavy Items

Most eBay sellers avoid selling large heavy items because they are difficult to ship. Yet many of these products are very profitable and have less competition. Last year I told my eBay business readers about a service called uShip. Today U-Ship announced the launch of the eBay Shipping Center. This new tool is aimed directly […]

How to Make an Extra $10, $20 or More on Each Successful eBay Listing

You can no longer sell digital information like eBooks directly on eBay, but there is still a way to make money on eBay from digital products with this neat trick. As most of you know, eBay no longer allows the sale and delivery of digital information directly on eBay.  But think for a moment: What […]

FREE PowerPoint and MP3 Audio Presentation on Improving Results with Best Match

Here is a free presentation from PESA and ECMTA on Best Match Search Results Yesterday I mentioned the problems with Best Match and how it is impacting eBay sellers.  There are some things you can do to improve your results. If you sell on eBay, you should really see this presentation. It takes about 30 […]

Increase Your eBay Profits With an About Me Page?

A good About Me Page can increase bids and profits and you can use it to drive traffic to your web site or eBay Store. I am always amazed when I open an auction and notice that the eBay seller does not have an About Me Page (AMP). The eBay About Me Page is an […]

Using eBay To Drive Traffic To Your Web Site

eBay wants buyers to stay on their site and buy. I don’t blame them. But there are some “legal” ways to use eBay to get traffic on your web site. It is very important that you follow the rules and be subtle.  If you are discrete and don’t break any eBay rules, this can be […]

How To Detect Fraud on eBay

Don’t fall victim to fraud on eBay. Prevent eBay and internet fraud by using our tested free safety tips. Today’s Post covers fraud committed against buyers on eBay.  Tomorrow I will cover fraud committed against Sellers. Compared to the rest of the Internet, eBay is actually one of the safest venues for online buying and […]

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