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Get Five FREE eBay Listings with special promotion

Any eBay seller can get 5 free listings each month by using the eBay Sell Your Item form Here are the details: Regardless of your start price, your first 5 Auction-style listings will have NO Insertion Fees when you list with eBay’s Sell Your Item form or Simple listing form. The Final Value Fee for […]

Auctiva Comes To Their Senses

Leading auction management company backs off from their complicated & pricey fee plan and adopts simple $9.95 per month pricing. Auctiva’s complicated and pricey fee schedule announced a couple of weeks ago had upset users and was driving business to competitors InkFrog, Vendio and others. Jeff Schlicht, CEO and founder of Auctiva, the largest eBay […]

Win $25,000 for Your eBay Business

Submit an eBay business plan to eBay and you could win $25,000 eBay announced a really neat program today called the Sellers Challenge.  New or existing eBay sellers can submit a business plan. The Sellers Challenge asks entrepreneurs to answer a simple question: “How would you use $25,000 to grow – or start – an […]

Where Do eBay Auctiva Sellers Go?

Auctiva Going Up, InkFrog Holds Firm and Vendio to Offer Discount eBay’s decision to cut partner program benefits for auction management companies roils the market. Last month eBay announced that third party service providers such as auction management companies Vendio, InkFrog, Channel Advisor, Auctiva and others would no longer be allowed to earn commissions through […]

eBay Seller in Pennsylvania Pleads Guilty to Forging Famous Author’s Signatures on Collectible Books

Forrest Smith, an eBay Seller in PA made over $300,000 selling fake signed first editions on eBay Forrest Smith, an eBay seller from Reading, PA  plead guilty in federal court in Philadelphia today to a book fraud. He was forging famous authors’ signatures and selling the books on Ebay as signed original First Editions. Prosecutor Mark Dubnoff says […]

eBay Reaches Out to Small and New Sellers with Free Listing Promotion

Starting June 16, 2009, Sellers will get 5 free Insertion Fees every 30 days for Auction-style listings I have been fairly critical of eBay lately as they seem to be ignoring new and small sellers. But here is a great promotion that will benefit this group.   Here’s how it works: Regardless of your start […]

Will You Qualify as An eBay Certified Seller?

eBay surveying members about new certified seller program that will roll out later this year eBay is considering creating a new category of sellers called eBay Certified Sellers. Sellers in this category would be identified with a eBay Certified Seller icon displayed on all their listings. In order to be included in the new eBay […]

Deconstructing eBay, Part Two of Three

We continue looking at the big changes eBay announced last week and their impact on eBay sellers This is part two of the post I started yesterday about the changes to the eBay platform and the new policies announced by eBay that will take effect in June. You can scroll down to see part one. […]

Deconstructing The Largest eBay Announcement Ever. Part One

eBay latest announcement will have a large impact on eBay sellers. Here is my take on the new features and policies. eBay latest announcements  cover a lot of ground –too much for one blog post, so I am going to break them down into three posts. today is part one of three. I am going […]

eBay Seller Alert

Lots of things happening with eBay today and tomorrow. AuctionBytes reports that eBay will discontinue third party checkout services on June 15th. Even if you don’t use third-party services such as Vendio, Infopia and others, read the article as there is a lot more info about eBay’s future direction. eBay will hold a town hall […]

Will eBay Ever Start Advertising Again?

eBay continues to lose market share as their TV advertising stays dark Having spent a lot of years in the corporate world and even a short stint with a big NYC advertising agency, I know that when business is slow advertising is one of the first things to get cut. However there were always a […]

eBay Alternative Bonanzle – Is all the buzz for real?

Small sellers continue to look for alternatives to eBay. Lately the selling site Bonanzle has been creating a lot of Buzzzzzz. I have been hearing a lot about Bonanzle for the past few months. Bonanzle is not technically an auction site –although you can do auctions. Most sellers list their items at a price + […]

Why Is eBay Holding Secret Meetings?

First Long Beach and Now Miami. What is behind The eBay seller meetings? Are these the "series of events" eBay promised when they cancelled eBay  Live? Last month eBay held a meeting in Long Beach, CA for selected sellers (mostly large sellers) and last week they held another one in Miami.  All sellers who attended […]

“We were wrong,” says eBay CEO, John Donahoe

Unfortunately he wasn’t speaking about eBay. This is a comment he made to analysts last week about eBay’s purchase of Skype. eBay has finally admitted it: They never figured out a way to get any synergy between eBay and Skype. It doesn’t really matter though, because Skype is starting to make money –lots of money. […]

Will States Start Trying To Collect Sales Tax from Online Sellers?

New York and some other states are already moving that way. This could be a nightmare for eBay, small web site and Amazon sellers With the recession pummeling their budgets, State governments are looking  for ways to fill the gaps by collecting taxes on Internet sales, which are growing even as the economy shudders. Mostly […]

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