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Archive for 'eBay Policies'

Will The New Fixed Price Listing Policy Swamp eBay With Listings Making It Harder To Find Goods

The new fixed price listing policy goes into effect in a few days on September 16. What will the platform look like on September 17th. The new Fixed Price (FP) listing policy has four major elements: Listing fees are lowered to 35-cents for most products and 15-cents for Books, Movies and Media The listing duration will […]

FREE eBook and New Podcast on The Future of eBay

Last week I released my free eBook, The Future of eBay. Today you can listen or download my interview on The Future of eBay with Ina Steiner of AuctionBytes The Future of eBay is a 30-page completely FREE eBook, released to my readers last week that covers the latest policy and fee changes on eBay.  […]

Digesting the changes on eBay Without Getting Indigestion. What’s behind the 4.3 DSR Policy?

Forget the Tums and the Pepcid AC. The new Seller Standard 4.3 DSR need not give you heartburn. I had the opportunity to spend most of last Tuesday on the eBay campus in San Jose where eBay offered in depth briefings to a small group of bloggers and newsletter writers. It was a very interesting […]

eBay Backs Down on Links Policy

eBay announced it will not start enforcing the new policy that prevents eBay sellers from putting links to outside website on eBay pages. A posting on the eBay forum today announced that eBay is backing down on their draconian links policy. The forum post stated: "We will not enforce the links policy in July as […]

The Mystery of eBay Seller Primemediaking.

Who is this seller and where did he (her, they?) come from? Where did 198,188 items listed since May 15th.? Why did he start his eBay business by purchasing feedback? How is he getting away with violating eBay Policies? I was first alerted to this seller by some curious postings on the eBay message boards, […]

eBay Drops Another Bombshell on Sellers

Startling sellers, eBay announced several policy changes today that are a mixture of bad news/good news. New Links Policy Starting in July eBay will no longer allow any links to non-eBay pages on any eBay page including your listings, blogs, forums, reviews & Guides, about me pages or any others with the exception of links […]

What Can ebay Learn from The Ancient Venetians?

Lessons from the past on business and trading can be found in the history of Venice Karen and I are taking a long vacation in Italy this month. We have been planning and saving money and airline points for this trip for over two years. Our first stop was Venice –easily one of the most beautiful and […]

Good news for eBay sellers regarding new feedback policies

eBay brings some balance back to the table The new president of eBay Global Marketplace Operations, Lorrie Norrington, announced a few changes to the new feedback policies today. Most sellers (myself included) have been concerned about the inability for sellers to leave neutral or negative feedback. eBay instigated this policy so that sellers could not […]

Buysafe Announces Trading Assistant Bonding Program

eBay’s new insurance requirements for REDOLS (Trading Posts) requires a $25,000 bond to protect consignors from fraud A bond is basically an insurance policy that protects a consignor (someone who gives you goods to sell) from a trading assistant selling their goods on eBay and getting paid for them, but not paying the consignor.  When […]

Putting The PayPal 21 day Hold Into Perspective

PayPal announcement that they will place a 21 day payment hold on certain high risk transactions has angered sellers. I have received several emails from sellers wondering what is behind this policy.  Most of them are suspicious of eBay/PayPal’s motives, but upon investigation, I think this policy makes some sense. It is important to remember […]

The Firestorm Over The New eBay Feedback Policy Keeps Growing

In 8 years on eBay I have never seen an issue ignite this much passion. Any time there is a change to feedback policy it always stirs up passions, but this one takes the cake. If you saw my post yesterday you know that I am no fan of the new feedback policy that stipulates […]

Is eBay’s Advertising Policy Disingenuous?

I have long been a critic of eBay’s policy of placing non-eBay ads on search results and other eBay pages. This week Steve Hartman, the Director of On-Site Advertising for eBay sent out a message trying to clarify eBay’s policy of placing ads for non-eBay services on the site.  Here is part of what Steve […]

eBay Cracks Down on Poor Sellers

eBay announced today they will restrict seller accounts with a 5% Neutral/Negative in past 90 days I received a nice email from eBay today congratulating and thanking me for being a good seller.  Then it went on to explain (warn me) that any seller who has a combination of negative or neutral feedback and/or item […]

eBay’s changes gun policy because of association with the Virginia Tech Massacre

eBay has tightened the restrictions on the sale of gun parts including the type purchased on eBay by Seung-Hui Cho After the tragedy at Virginia Tech in April 2007, eBay’s name got dragged through the mud by the media because parts for the gun had been bought on eBay. As Griff said on eBay Radio today […]

eBay Bans Pre-sales of the Apple iPhone and eBay Express Finally Getting Marketplace Traction

Just like the Playstation 3, eBay’s banned pre-sales and enforcing heavy restrictions on Apple iPhone eBay sales after the launch on June 29th. Every time there is a new hot electronic gadget, we see pre-sales on eBay. It happened with XBox 360, Playstation 3, and all the other “hot” items. eBay clamped down on these […]

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