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October Newsletter – eBay Fall Seller Update and More

I’ve got a new issue of the newsletter ready to go!  There is a LOT of good stuff in this one. Musings from and about eBay, Amazon and The World Wide Web – Check out the special discount to my readers on the 2016 Toy Guide. eBay Fall Seller Update Online Auctions Aren’t Over Amazon Cuts Delivery […]

Outside Advertising Banners on eBay Search Results Pages to be Eliminated

Advertising banners that take users off of eBay are a long-standing sore spot for sellers When eBay announces their new policy changes next week, part of the announcement will make sellers cheer.  I have confirmed with a source inside eBay that the advertising banners that appear at the top of search results will be curtailed […]

Is an annoying eBay security policy a scammers delight?

The trials and tribulations of an eBay PowerSeller trying to work WITH eBay and follow all the policies This story is so typical of eBay’s seller service. I get emails from people constantly expressing the same frustration. This is by eBay Seller, Walt Auctionwally. Walt is a very interesting guy. He runs a website that […]

eBay Sellers; Are You Ready for The Changes Coming to eBay Next Week?

eBay policy and site function changes announced on April 14th, take effect next week on June 15th eBay will effect the changes they announced in April next Monday.  If you haven’t revised your listings by then you run the risk of your listings being cancelled and/or not found in search. The two biggest changes are […]

Deconstructing eBay, Part 3 of 3

A look at the new eBay policy announcement and the likely effect on eBay sellers The last few parts of the announcements include a new dispute resolution process, free access to eBay Selling Manager, moving the shipping process from PayPal to eBay and tools to bulk edit your listings. The new Dispute Resolution Process will […]

Deconstructing The Largest eBay Announcement Ever. Part One

eBay latest announcement will have a large impact on eBay sellers. Here is my take on the new features and policies. eBay latest announcements  cover a lot of ground –too much for one blog post, so I am going to break them down into three posts. today is part one of three. I am going […]

eBay gives 60 day Notice To Major Changes to the Platform

Changes to take place in June will include new item pages, new mandatory return policy enforcement and new dispute system The announcement from Stephanie Tilenius, Senior VP & GM for eBay North America had been rumored for a while. As part of the announcement eBay stated a new policy that from here on they will […]

Consumer Products Safety Commission Answers Questions from eBay Sellers about the CPSI

There has been a lot of confusion for sellers of toys and children’s clothing. eBay’s Uncle Griff posted a blog on eBay with some answers Basically a lot of fear by sellers is overblown –but there are some new requirements to meet if you sell children’s clothing or toys on eBay.  Here is the link […]

Personal Checks and Money Orders Banned From eBay As of Today

Yesterday was the last day to accept checks and money orders on eBay. eBay starts cancelling reported auctions today. About three days ago I received a phone call from eBay Seller Support reminding me that yesterday was the last day for eBay listings to appear with a statement that sellers will accept personal checks or […]

Will The New Fixed Price Listing Policy Swamp eBay With Listings Making It Harder To Find Goods

The new fixed price listing policy goes into effect in a few days on September 16. What will the platform look like on September 17th. The new Fixed Price (FP) listing policy has four major elements: Listing fees are lowered to 35-cents for most products and 15-cents for Books, Movies and Media The listing duration will […]

FREE eBook and New Podcast on The Future of eBay

Last week I released my free eBook, The Future of eBay. Today you can listen or download my interview on The Future of eBay with Ina Steiner of AuctionBytes The Future of eBay is a 30-page completely FREE eBook, released to my readers last week that covers the latest policy and fee changes on eBay.  […]

Digesting the changes on eBay Without Getting Indigestion. What’s behind the 4.3 DSR Policy?

Forget the Tums and the Pepcid AC. The new Seller Standard 4.3 DSR need not give you heartburn. I had the opportunity to spend most of last Tuesday on the eBay campus in San Jose where eBay offered in depth briefings to a small group of bloggers and newsletter writers. It was a very interesting […]

eBay Backs Down on Links Policy

eBay announced it will not start enforcing the new policy that prevents eBay sellers from putting links to outside website on eBay pages. A posting on the eBay forum today announced that eBay is backing down on their draconian links policy. The forum post stated: "We will not enforce the links policy in July as […]

The Mystery of eBay Seller Primemediaking.

Who is this seller and where did he (her, they?) come from? Where did 198,188 items listed since May 15th.? Why did he start his eBay business by purchasing feedback? How is he getting away with violating eBay Policies? I was first alerted to this seller by some curious postings on the eBay message boards, […]

eBay Drops Another Bombshell on Sellers

Startling sellers, eBay announced several policy changes today that are a mixture of bad news/good news. New Links Policy Starting in July eBay will no longer allow any links to non-eBay pages on any eBay page including your listings, blogs, forums, reviews & Guides, about me pages or any others with the exception of links […]

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