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What Can ebay Learn from The Ancient Venetians?

Lessons from the past on business and trading can be found in the history of Venice Karen and I are taking a long vacation in Italy this month. We have been planning and saving money and airline points for this trip for over two years. Our first stop was Venice –easily one of the most beautiful and […]

Make Your Fortune on eBay With Vintage and Used Goods and Merchandise

Too many sellers turn up their nose at selling used goods. Yet used items often have higher profits than new goods. Although we make most of our income selling our books and new merchandise, I am always on the lookout for vintage or used goods to sell on eBay where I can make a profit.  Over […]

eBay Sellers Cleaning Up On Eliot Spitzer

Seizing on media stories is one of the oldest and most profitable niches on eBay I find it rather ironic that Eliot Spitzer is now paying as much per hour for an attorney as he paid for companionship with a prostitute –but that’s another story. Let’s look at a very interesting eBay niche business: A […]

FREE: 91 Common Everyday Items that Bring Huge Profits on eBay!”

My readers know i believe that focusing on niche markets is the way to make money on eBay For a limited time eBay expert Scott Foster is allowing me to give away the instant-download, (ebook version) of his newest book to my customers and subscribers as a special gift. It’s called, 91 Common Everyday Items […]

How To Dominate Your Niche Market on eBay

Build your eBay business, crush the competition and increase your eBay profits by dominating your niche. There are several advantages to building a niche market on eBay.  Among them are less competition and therefore the ability to retain pricing power. But an overlooked advantage is the ability to concentrate your resources and dominate your niche.  […]

Instant eBay Niche, Sellers Making Money with Don Imus Nappy Headed Hos Tee Shirts

I am surprised and will be surprised if eBay lets this go on very long, but eBay entrepreneurs have jumped on the Imus scandal to create and launch products The instant Tee Shirt business is a cultural phenomena.  Almost any topic that pops up in the news will generate a slew of entrepreneurs who create […]

What Can I Sell on eBay

You can sell almost anything on eBay, but can you make money doing it is the real question. The answer may not lay with the latest hottest consumer products. A lot of people use eBay to get a bargain on the latest hottest consumer product be it a really hot toy, the coolest electronic gadget […]

Ten Little Known eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do

Make money on eBay with these ten little known, highly profitable eBay niche businesses that anyone can do. Selling on eBay has become far more competitive that in the early days.  Large companies with the ability to purchase inventory in large amounts, and therefore at very low costs have entered the market.  Prices for popular […]

Building Your eBay Business and Making More Money on eBay With Niche Marketing, Part 2

Part one covered the eBay selling and eBay product sourcing benefits of niche marketing. This part coveres how to research and find your niche on eBay. If you missed part one, just scroll down or go to my Blog Homepage if you arrived at this post from another page. Finding The Right Niche on ebay […]

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