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Be Careful Trying to Sell California IOUs on Craigslist and eBay

But, be even more careful buying them. Last week California essentially went bankrupt.  No –its is not a formal or complete bankruptcy, but when you can’t pay your bills and you are $25 billion underwater I would call that bankrupt in my book. When California couldn’t meet its obligations, it began issuing IOUs instead of […]

Is eBay Back? eBay listing counts rise steadily through June

eBay listings rise from 27.8 million in January to 31.5 million through May 15th 2009. The number of listings has been climbing steadily since the beginning of the year although the rate of growth slowed a bit in the past few weeks.  That may be due to the normal summer slowdown on eBay. We won’t […]

CORRECTION: eBay stock dumping story and Donahoe FTC Investigation NOT TRUE !

Yesterday, I INCORRECTLY reported on a story that eBay Insiders were dumping stock and CEO, John Donahoe was under Investigation by the FTC. This story came from an apparent internet spoof and is completely untrue! I have spoken with eBay and been assured there is no basis for this story whatsoever. The FTC has not […]

eBay Misses Earnings Forecast. Income falls 22%

Net income fell from $460 million to $357 million or $0.28 a share missing analyst’s forecasts The earning consensus on Wall Street was for eBay to be down 20% and earnings to come in at $0.33 share. eBay CEO, John Donahoe blamed the stronger dollar and the challenging economy.  PayPal and Skype did well. Here […]

Deconstructing eBay, Part Two of Three

We continue looking at the big changes eBay announced last week and their impact on eBay sellers This is part two of the post I started yesterday about the changes to the eBay platform and the new policies announced by eBay that will take effect in June. You can scroll down to see part one. […]

Busy Day at eBay. System Changes Announced, Skype to be Spun off to IPO and Stumbleupon Given back to founders

The latest breaking news is that eBay will spin Skype off into its own company that will go public in 2010 That is interesting and answers a big question – What wound eBay do with Skype since it never really fit into eBay’s overall strategy. I think this is a great solution. I have been […]

eBay gives 60 day Notice To Major Changes to the Platform

Changes to take place in June will include new item pages, new mandatory return policy enforcement and new dispute system The announcement from Stephanie Tilenius, Senior VP & GM for eBay North America had been rumored for a while. As part of the announcement eBay stated a new policy that from here on they will […]

Can eBay Solve Its Identity Crisis?

If “Brand Homicide” were a felony, eBay’s management would be indicted and convicted on several counts. eBay continues to struggle with who they are. Is eBay a quirky & fun auction site or an online warehouse for surplus and overstock merchandise? During the past year it looked like eBay was trying to become Amazon. Now […]

Do eBay Stores Have a Future

With the introduction of the new eBay Fixed Price Listing fee and GTC format, eBay Store sales have plunged Here’s a snippet from an email I received today from a long time reader and eBay PowerSeller: “….my ebay store for the first time since starting in 2005 may end the month without ONE sale.  I […]

Consumer Products Safety Commission Answers Questions from eBay Sellers about the CPSI

There has been a lot of confusion for sellers of toys and children’s clothing. eBay’s Uncle Griff posted a blog on eBay with some answers Basically a lot of fear by sellers is overblown –but there are some new requirements to meet if you sell children’s clothing or toys on eBay.  Here is the link […]

New My eBay Page Debuts with Mixed Acceptance From Sellers

People may have wanted change when they voted for President, but when it comes to eBay most of us resist it Earlier this week eBay followed through on their threats to launch the new My eBay Page.  For me this comes under the headings of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and “I think […]

eBay Beats Earnings Forecast but Stock slumps in After Hours Trading

eBay came in at $.46 a share versus estimates of $.41 but warned that growth will be slow Although eBay came in ahead of estimates, the problem is that most of the profit growth came from non-eBay areas such as advertising and classifieds. eBay’s core business, auctions, is seeing slower growth and eBay execs said […]

eBay Stock Slumps Ahead of Earnings Call Later Today

. eBay’s stock opened at $17+ and slumped to $15.75 a new low just hours ahead of the call. eBay will report earnings at a 2:00 PM (Pacific – 5:00PM Eastern) investor call todayEarlier eBay said it would meet earnings estimates, but investors were hoping for more. Part of the fall is uncertainty about eBay […]

Could Sara Palin Become The Hottest Niche on eBay?

When it comes to instant hot niches related to news stories and events, Cafe Press usually leads the way. Sara Palin is Hot on Cafe Press and becoming hot on eBay. After Sara Palin’s speech to the Republican convention last night, I got up this morning and went to Cafe Press, the site where independent […]

Victoria Secret’s Bra Seller Busted on eBay… and The Future of eBay

This is one wholesale source you may not want to use. A few weeks ago I received an email from one of my readers asking where he could find wholesale sources for Victoria Secret products that he sees selling on eBay. I told him I didn’t know because Victoria’s Secret has very tight controls over […]

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