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Are eBay Sellers Deserting The International Marketplalce?

I asked this question of several sellers and got different answers, but in general the news is not good. I would love to know what eBay’s stats show, but I suspect that cross border sales between the US and Europe and Japan are down. Why? Because I got a call from eBay last week wanting […]

Do eBay Stores Have a Future

With the introduction of the new eBay Fixed Price Listing fee and GTC format, eBay Store sales have plunged Here’s a snippet from an email I received today from a long time reader and eBay PowerSeller: “….my ebay store for the first time since starting in 2005 may end the month without ONE sale.  I […]

Are eBay Feature Fees Still Worth the Money?

The New Best Match Algorithm puts a big question mark around the Featured First (formerly Featured Plus or Category featured). In the past, this featured option used to place you listing at the top of the first search page that came up with your listings on it. For example, even if you were on page […]

eBay extends 5-cent Listing Fees in Books, Movies and Music Through the End of The Year

This is a good deal and good news for book sellers. From now through the end of 2009, pay only 5¢ Insertion Fees when you list books, music, movies, and video games on eBay.com in Fixed Price with product details. Your listings will show up on both the new eBay product pages and in search results. […]

eBay Kills Dutch Auctions and Extends Free Shipping Fee Discounts Through June

Are more fee discounts coming? eBay announced they will be killing the Dutch Auction format effective in May.  Since eBay expanded and reduced fees on Fixed Price Listings, the Dutch auction format has been used less and less by sellers where it was once the favored  format for listing multiple items.  Sellers have until May […]

Ten Secrets to Making Higher Profits on eBay

Here are ten great eBay tips to lowering your costs and increasing your eBay profits Here are ten eBay tips to help you make more profits on eBay.  Many of these are very simple and easy to implement. If you do all of them the savings and profits can really add up. 1. Use Free […]

eBay Puts One and Three Day Listings on Sale Through the Month of January

In more proof that eBay lacks pricing power in the current economy, Dinesh Lathi announced today that eBay would give a 50% discount on 1 and 3 day auctions Here is the announcement from Dinesh Lathi, VP of Seller Experience "Starting January 3 through January 31, sellers who list 1 and 3 day Auction-style item(s) […]

eBay Extends Fee Discounts Through March

In case you missed it, last week eBay announced extended holiday fee discounts through March 31, 2009 I mentioned this in passing in my last post, but though some of you would like the details and links to the actual fee promotions. Here is a quick summary of the promotion: If you list with Free […]

Final take on Holiday Online Sales and eBay to hold steady on fees

Amazon and Apple did great but it will be a while until we hear from eBay Online sales held up better than the rest of the retail market during the dismal holiday period, but the season is still likely to go down as one of the worst on record for the traditionally booming eCommerce sector. […]

Interview with eBay Gold Power Seller Skip McGrath

This is an interview I did this week with Jamie Garand, Internet Business Gazette Skip McGrath is an eBay Gold Power Seller and the author of several best-selling books about eBay and internet marketing.   His best-selling book, The Complete eBay Marketing System is considered by many eBay Power Sellers to be the leading guide to […]

eBay Announces Two-Day, Auction Style Listing Fee Sale

eBay will reduce listing fees 50% for listings launched on November 24th through midnight November 25th For the next two days, insertion fees for your Auction-style items will be 50% off on www.ebay.com, regardless of your start price. The 50% off Auction-style Listing Fee Sale starts today and runs through November 25. There are a […]

Free eBay and PayPal Fee Calculator

Know your fees before you sell Here is a great little free tool for eBay sellers. It is an online calculator that calculates eBay and PayPal fees to help you decide the best price and format to list an item on eBay.  If you are running an eBay business this is a great little tool […]

eBay Listings Finally Starting to Climb

After a slow start, the new fixed price listing format may finally be taking hold. In my last post I reported that 48 hours after eBay launched the new Fixed Price (FP) listing format and fees that eBay’s listings had hardly budged.  Now 5 days later, listings have climbed from around 16 million to 18.35 […]

Will The New Fixed Price Listing Policy Swamp eBay With Listings Making It Harder To Find Goods

The new fixed price listing policy goes into effect in a few days on September 16. What will the platform look like on September 17th. The new Fixed Price (FP) listing policy has four major elements: Listing fees are lowered to 35-cents for most products and 15-cents for Books, Movies and Media The listing duration will […]

The Good… the Bad… the Opportunity. Digesting The New eBay Fixed Price Fees.

What the fee change means to sellers and how it will change the eBay platform This week’s fixed price selling format fee change will change more than just fees. It will have a dramatic impact on seller strategy and how sellers use eBay Stores. Sellers have been agitating for lower (or no) listing fees for […]

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