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Archive for 'eBay Fees'

More Big Changes Coming to eBay

Changes will include another re-design of Seller Hub, and eBay will soon start displaying off-eBay “web-based” prices of products (low, mid, high), and it will display prices for the top 5 comparable products on eBay (taking into account sellers’ policies). The new program called Multiple Top Pick (MTP) is launching to a limited audience starting […]

Open Letter to eBay from Long-time Seller

If you want to know why I really gave up on eBay –this letter from an anonymous seller is one of the best explanations you will find. The only thing I can add is that e Bay used to be a “community.”  When management made the decision to do away with that aspect of eBay […]

Save money with USPS instead of UPS

Even with the rate increases, I find I can save quite a bit of money shipping by mail instead of UPS or FedEx. I am running this special offer again because Stamps.com just renewed their offer for my readers. Simplify Your USPS Shipping with Stamps.com Get almost 39% discounted rates on Priority Mail Import your […]

eBay Fall 2012 Updates Are Out

This round of updates is not too bad – in fact there are some really good things for all sellers, but most of the updates only benefit Top Rated Sellers and a couple of things hurt the little guy and those who sell used goods.  But lets take a look at what is in store […]

eBay Delays Implementation of The 90% Tracking Policy

I received an email today from Michael Jones, VP of Merchant Development at eBay.  In the email he announced that eBay will delay implementation of the 90% Tracking policy for another month.  Here is what the email said: Since we announced updates to the eBay Top-rated seller criteria in February, many Top-rated sellers have said […]

eBay Stores Sellers: List Auction-style FREE May 7–13!

eBay is running a listing fee sale this week.  eBay sellers who have an eBay Stores subscription can list Auction-style for FREE from May 7–13, You pay zero insertion fees, even for your high-ticket items. Both current and new eBay Stores subscribers are eligible for this offer. This offer applies to Auction-style listings (with the […]

eBay Sellers Finding Solutions to eBay’s Tracking Policy

After my last newsletter I got a ton of mail about the new eBay policy that sellers have to provide tracking on 90% of their shipments.  One group that is most affected by this are those sellers who sell flat items like post cards, sports cards, stamps, or any flat item.  Most of these sellers […]

More eBay News for Sellers

Ina Steiner reported in the Auctionbytes Blog this week that eBay’s top execs earned $40.4 million in compensation in 2010 including $12.4 million that CEO John Donahoe earned in salary, incentives, bonuses, stock options and other perks. The announcement came on the heels of eBay’s Spring Release that raised fees by adding FVF to shipping […]

Beware The Ides of March – eBay Raises Fees and Restricts New & Small Sellers

I think it was the Soothsayer who told Caesar to “Beware the Ides of March.”  That should have been the title of yesterday’s blog where I forecast eBay’s announcement today. I will do an in-depth article on the new policies in the newsletter next week –but here are the highlights of today’s announcement: eBay Fees […]

eBay Fee sale – List Auction-style Free – Any Start Price. Add Buy It Now Free! Feb 15-28

eBay announced a fee sale today that applies to all sellers. From February 15 through February 28, sellers can list Auction-style free at any starting price, including high-ticket items. Sellers can list up to 50 items, and pay only if the item sells. And, sellers can add Buy-it-now, also for no fee. Once again the […]

eBay Sellers Coping With The Summer Slowdown on eBay

Tips for cutting your eBay fees and expenses during the annual summer slowdown It’s not new.  The summer slowdown has happened every year about this time.  The weather is better, parents and teens are focusing on graduation, people are spending more time in their gardens, and in general, there are more things pulling people away […]

Get Five FREE eBay Listings with special promotion

Any eBay seller can get 5 free listings each month by using the eBay Sell Your Item form Here are the details: Regardless of your start price, your first 5 Auction-style listings will have NO Insertion Fees when you list with eBay’s Sell Your Item form or Simple listing form. The Final Value Fee for […]

eBay Sellers; Are You Ready for The Changes Coming to eBay Next Week?

eBay policy and site function changes announced on April 14th, take effect next week on June 15th eBay will effect the changes they announced in April next Monday.  If you haven’t revised your listings by then you run the risk of your listings being cancelled and/or not found in search. The two biggest changes are […]

Auctiva Comes To Their Senses

Leading auction management company backs off from their complicated & pricey fee plan and adopts simple $9.95 per month pricing. Auctiva’s complicated and pricey fee schedule announced a couple of weeks ago had upset users and was driving business to competitors InkFrog, Vendio and others. Jeff Schlicht, CEO and founder of Auctiva, the largest eBay […]

Money Saving eBay Tips and eBay Announces Fee Discounts on Collectible Books

When business is slow you need to watch your pennies. Here are some tips from our readers. Mark from Connecticut, eBay ID Skyboss, has two eBay money-saving tips. If you host your images on eBay it can get expensive. eBay gives you one photo for free, then charges 15¢ for each additional image. If you […]

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