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Good news for eBay sellers regarding new feedback policies

eBay brings some balance back to the table The new president of eBay Global Marketplace Operations, Lorrie Norrington, announced a few changes to the new feedback policies today. Most sellers (myself included) have been concerned about the inability for sellers to leave neutral or negative feedback. eBay instigated this policy so that sellers could not […]

Watch Your eBay Seller Feedback Jump Instantly

eBay told us that they would be including repeat buyer feedback in the Feedback Score (the number in parentheses next to your User ID), and this has just come into effect. What the didn’t originally tell us was that they will be making this retroactive. As of now, if you have multiple purchases from the […]

Fortune Small Business Has Statistics on Sellers Leaving eBay. OnlineAuctions.com Grows 10% in One Week

Here is a great article on CNN Money From Fortune Magazine about the fee and feedback rebellion hitting eBay The numbers are not staggering, but they are significant.  Is eBay is paying attention? (FORTUNE Small Business) — In the online auction space, "eBay" is a verb. Since launching in 1995, eBay (EBAY, Fortune 500) has been […]

AuctionBytes Launches Survey on New eBay Fees and Feedback Issues

Ina Steiner at AuctionBytes.com has just put up a free survey for eBay sellers where you can vote on the new fees and feedback system. If you sell on eBay I hope you will take the survey.  I urge all of my readers to take it so we can see show eBay the true numbers […]

Digesting The Changes to eBay Fees and Feedback. eBay Stock Drops on The News.

I think Wall Street may be getting this one wrong as the fee schedule changes are a net positive for many ebay sellers and probably for eBay too. eBay announced the largest fee realignment in their history today and eBay’s stock dropped 2.79% to $26.12. Just a week ago, eBay hit $29.20.  That’s a 10% drop […]

Select Your Best eBay Feedback Comments and Put Them Right Into Your Auction Listing

The other day I told you about Million Dollar Photos –one of the great tools that comes with Auction TNT Today I want to tell you about the fantastic NEW version of FAME – The Feedback Ad Maker for EBay. This eBay tool quickly scans all your feedback and categorizes them by product. It then […]

Small Victory. eBay Tweaks Feedback 2.0

eBay Announced they will remove the item title from buyer feedback. EBay users who sell on eBay and buy items on eBay to resell were dismayed when Feedback 2.0 was launched, specifically the fact that eBay now showed the title of items purchased below the feedback comment. This is great for buyers doing research on […]

eBay Detailed Seller Ratings (Star System) Unfair to Small Sellers

Making money on eBay will soon become harder for the small seller. There are three words that strike fear into many sellers. They are Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR). Sellers protested when the Feedback 2.0 program was launched about six months ago, and they haven’t stopped. The issue is that the buyer leaves the rating anonymously […]

How To Sell On EBay: Frequently Asked Questions by New Sellers

Do you want to learn how to sell on eBay? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I get from new eBay sellers. As you will see below these answers are short, to the point, answers aimed at beginning sellers. As you gain experience selling on eBay, you will learn that […]

Get started selling on eBay or Learn How To Sell on eBay with eBay Free Listing Promotion for New eBay Sellers

If you have been waiting to learn how to sell on eBay but were afraid of all the fees, now is your chance. eBay announced a Free Listing Promotion for new sellers that will run from today (May 17th) through the end of May 2007. Now you can get the insertion fees and Gallery upgrades […]

Feedback 2.0 has arrived!

Well, we all knew it had to happen. Feedback 2.0 has finally arrived on eBay.com. Most buyers think it is great, but many eBay sellers are less than enthusiastic. The main concern lies in Detailed Seller Ratings, an anonymous rating based on each of four criteria: shipping and handling, communication, item as described and shipping […]

Optimize Your eBay Business with eBay Seller Outreach and Get Ready for Feedback 2.0

eBay is offering a free 20 minute call with selling experts to review your auctions and store listings to improve performance When I looked at the eBay home page this morning I saw a large box that said:eBay Seller Outreach. Schedule time with an eBay specialist to grow your business. That’s not an exact quote […]

eBay’s New Feedback System 2.0 Not Being Received Well by Sellers

eBay rolled out its new feedback system in the UK. So far acceptance by sellers has been lukewarm Feedback 2.0 is the first major change to the eBay feedback system in ten years. eBay decided to use our friends in the UK and Australia as a beta test before rolling it out in the North […]

Postal Thieves Steal Christmas Packages from eBay Buyers

If you bought something on eBay or other Internet sites and your package disappeared, it might be a postal theft Yesterday here in Seattle, the police arrested a ring of postal thieves.  They were following the US Mail trucks.  Whenever the mailman dropped off a package on some one’s front porch, the thieves would swoop […]

Private Feedback Banned For eBay Sellers

Feedback is one of the most important aspects of your eBay business. Now eBay is banning private (hidden) feedback profiles for all eBay sellers. Private feedback has been a topic of much discussion amongst eBay buyers and sellers alike for a long time. All eBay users have the option to make their feedback profile private. […]

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