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New Newsletter – Has eBay finally jumped the shark?

I’ve got a new newsletter for you.  The first article is an important one for eBay sellers.  If you are like me, you have probably learned to dread the frequent eBay announcements. Well, here we go again. One of the factors in this announcement will most likely eliminate many sellers like me, who use Amazon to […]

The Customer is Not Always Right

We have all heard the term:  The Customer is Always Right.  Well, I disagree! I don’t know about you –but I work very hard and am constantly busy.  The last thing I have time for is an irrational customer, or one with unrealistic demands wasting my time.  Does that mean I am dismissive of my […]

Early May 2015 Issue of eBay and Amazon Sellers News

The May Issue of The eBay & Amazon Sellers News is Now Online.  You can click here to read the current issue. Did you miss the newsletter?  Not to worry, we keep archived versions online for several years.  You can find this newsletter here. IN THIS ISSUE 1. eBay To Change Their Feedback Program 2. […]

Tools to Help You Stay On Top Spot on Amazon & eBay

Today’s post is a guest post by Jodie Pride from Veeqo.com Tools to Help You Stay On Top Spot on Amazon & eBay It takes more than just low prices to get you to the top spot on Amazon and eBay; although price is an important factor, there are many other aspects you’ll need to […]

February Newsletter is Now Available

The Feb 2015 Issue of the Online Sellers News for eBay and Amazon Sellers is now online. In This Issue 1. Five Tips to Increase Your Amazon FBA Profits 2.  eBay’s Woes Continue – Can They Ever Recover? 3.  eBay Niche of The Month – 35mm Film Camera Lenses 4. Preventing Returns on eBay and […]

Protecting Your eBay Feedback

Today’s post is a guest post by Eamonn Costello from XSellco Unity   eBay’s upcoming new seller performance dashboard has the potential to adversely impact your seller reputation. It implements new eBay seller standards on August 20th, so now is a good time to check your performance and understand the metrics involved before this deadline. […]

New Idea on Feedback

Feedback continues to be an irritant for sellers as more and more new buyers come to eBay Here is an idea from one of my readers, eBay seller, econsignonline2009, to make the current feedback system more fair and palatable to sellers: econsignonline2009 sent this as an open letter to eBay Sellers may not leave a […]

eBay Feedback Revision Coming Next Week

eBay will roll out the feedback and DSR revision program it tested in Australia. Brian Burke, Director of Global Feedback Policy (don’t you love those titles at eBay) announced that eBay will roll out feedback revision on October 20th.  All of the details are not known, but eBay did reveal the basics. If you receive […]

eBay Backs Down on Feedback Changes –Chalk up a small win for sellers

Lorrie Norrington announced two major changes to the eBay Feedback system. Neutrals will no longer be calculated into a member’s feedback score and eBay will introduce a system so buyers can change negative feedback comments left for sellers.  Here are the details: Recalculating Feedback percentages without neutrals Effective in late August, eBay will no longer […]

Energy Level Picks Up on The2nd Day at eBay Live and Two Important Announcements

The energy level was a hit higher today than the first day and more attendees showed up. It’s still not like past events but I did notice some more excitement and positive outlook today. Keynote puts a human face on new CEO, John Donohoe The 2nd day of eBay Live kicked off with the Keynote […]

eBay Stiff’s long Term Sellers and Cuts a Deal with Buy.com

Although it will not give out any details it appears that eBay changed a long-standing policy and cut a special deal with Buy.com to list thousands of items on eBay at reduced fees. The concept of “the level playing field” has been a long standing policy at eBay. For year, large sellers have lobbied eBay […]

eBay Rolls Out Seller Dashboard and Clarifies New Feedback Policy

The long awaited seller dashboard was rolled out today and eBay answered some questions about the new feedback policy The Seller dashboard is actually pretty cool. It does give you a good look at your standing in all of the categories that can affect your business.  If you want to see your dashboard, log into […]

Protecting Your Reputation Under the New eBay Feedback Policy

A lot of sellers are stressing out over the new eBay Feedback Policy whereby you can no longer leave negative feedback for bad buyers. Most of us don’t like the new system, but it is here and there isn’t much we can do about it.  eBay has done one thing under the new policy that […]

Have You Checked Your eBay Feedback Today?

When I went to bed last night my positive feedback rating was 100%. When I woke up this morning it was 99.9% Did I get a negative feedback last night? NO. What happened was eBay’s new feedback policy rolled out overnight and they now count neutrals as negatives when computing your feedback percentage. The other […]

eBay Changes Feedback…Again

Can eBay make the feedback changes anymore complicated? On May 19th the eBay feedback changes announced in January will go into effect on eBay US. Some highlights are: Sellers can no longer leave negative or neutral feedback. The positive feedback rating (percentage) will only be based on the last 12 months of transactions. Neutral feedback […]

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