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FREE eBay Wholesale Sourcing Product Webinar with Skip McGrath

Are you still sttruggling to find wholesale sources for eBay where you can actually buy at prices where you can make a profit? If this is you, please join me and Jen Cano from Magniphy.com for a free one-hour webinar on Unique Wholesale Sourcing methods. This online webinar will allow you to see a presentation […]

CSI Charity Auction Advertised on TV

At the end of the first episode of the new CSI season, Gil Grissom announced that the model of his office used in the Season 7 miniture killer plot-line will be auctioned on eBay for charity. I’m a CSI fan, so I had eagerly anticipated the first episode of the new season. Yes, it was […]

Does Meg Whitman Have Rhythm?

Meg Whitman, the CEO of eBay, runs one of the world’s most successful and important e-commerce sites –so this is not an unimportant question. I was going to do this post last night after the event but I decided to let it marinate a while.  The night before last, Karen and I were invited to […]

What Can Bruce Hornsby Teach Us About Selling on eBay?

My earlier post from eBay Live spoke about eBay’s new attitude towards sellers. Tonight I attended eBay’s Seller’s Appreciation Dinner and Concert for eBay largest sellers. After a great dinner with most of eBay’s top execs and category managers in attendance, we were entertained by the legendary Bruce Hornsby.  This is the first seller appreciation […]

Meet Skip McGrath at eBay Live.

eBay has just announced they will be carrying my books at eBay Live. Just a short post today.  My oldest son and his wife have just arrived from the East Coast with our beautiful new granddaughter and we are taking some time off to enjoy playing with her. Today is the last day to get […]

20 Cent eBay Listing Day and Last Chance to Save on eBay Live Registration and get eBay Live Collectibles

Take advantage of twenty-cent listings tomorrow and register now for eBay Live to save $25 Sellers have a little over 24 hours to get ready for eBay’s next Auction-style listing promotion. On Thursday, May 24th, the insertion fees for Auction-style listings on www.ebay.com will only be 20¢. The 20¢ Insertion Fee Sale starts on Thursday, […]

Featured plus Discount and Last Day to Get Your eBay Live Discounted Tickets

Friday, April 6th is the last day to register for eBay Live and save 40% Before I get to eBay Live, if any of you use the Featured plus auction feature, you can save 25% from now through Sunday.  Sunday is a great day to list 7-day auctions on eBay and this can get your […]

eBay Live 2007 Registration is Open!

Discounts for early registration to eBay’s yearly convention this time in Boston, MA. In years past you could show up at the convention center and register for eBay Live on the day it started. Last year, however, many eBay sellers (and buyers) plans were messed up when eBay Live tickets sold out over a month before the […]

Behind The Scenes at eBay Live

I remember my first eBay Live. It was held in Anaheim, near Disneyland. The entire event fit in a room that was smaller than some of the individual meeting rooms at this year’s event. There were about 2000 to 3000 attendees. This year’s event pulled 15,000 people from all over the world. I met sellers […]

Getting The Most Out of eBay Live!

This will be my fifth time attending eBay Live and the fourth time we have exhibited. I know it’s too late to register for this year, but if you are at all serious about running an eBay business you really must try and attend one of these. Next year, will be somewhere on the East […]

Get Registered For eBay Live Now

Karen and I are busy getting ready for this year’s eBay Live convention in Las Vegas. If you plan to go I suggest you register now. Although the price break for registering early has passed, you will still save a lot of time in line at the convention if you pre-register because you can just […]

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