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First October Newsletter is Ready

The first October issue of eBay and Amazon Sellers News is now online.  It will be there until the next newsletter comes out.  After that you can find an archived version here. Here’s what’s in the newsletter: 1. Holiday Selling Tips – The hot 4th quarter selling season is here. Are you ready? Our first article has a few […]

There is Nothing “Neutral” about Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to vote on Net Neutrality on Feb 26th. I have studied this and there is nothing “neutral” about Net Neutrality. Anything that is backed and funded by the big Telecom companies can not be good for all the little guys like us. I try and stay away from […]

February Newsletter is Now Available

The Feb 2015 Issue of the Online Sellers News for eBay and Amazon Sellers is now online. In This Issue 1. Five Tips to Increase Your Amazon FBA Profits 2.  eBay’s Woes Continue – Can They Ever Recover? 3.  eBay Niche of The Month – 35mm Film Camera Lenses 4. Preventing Returns on eBay and […]

How Congress, The Post Office and Chinese Businesses Are Screwing eBay And Amazon Sellers With The ePacket Program

 Today’s post is a guest post by Jose Calero of LapWorks, Inc  Where else in the world can you go, except in America, to set-up an online business only to have your government subsidize your Chinese competitors so they can undercut your prices and steal your business? It makes you wonder . . . . […]

Smart Phone Security & Lost or Stolen Mobile Devices

I usually write about selling on eBay and Amazon, but this topic is germane to almost all of us who use smart phones and mobile phones these days in our business. New Resources for Reporting Lost or Stolen Mobile Devices The FCC, in coordination with participating wireless service providers, has created a new resource for […]

How To Balance Work and Life During The Holiday Season to Reduce Stress and Have More Fun

Forbes magazine has a great white paper they are making available for free entitled The Recipe for Work-life Balance During the Holidays by Tom Drews, founder and CEO of Making Minutes.  Great article and it has stuff that will not only help you during the holidays but year around as well. Enjoy!!! My December newsletter […]

Will The Kindle Fire Grow The Amazon Prime Base and Why is That Important

This isn’t my story. This morning, Chris Green of FBA Power, shot me an email alerting me to an article in the Channel Advisor Blog about the release of the Kindle Fire I wrote about yesterday.  This article was written a day or so before Amazon’s release, but contains a really interesting analysis of Amazon […]

Make Money With The Kindle Fire and Save Money with Jenny’s Phone Number 867-5309

Make Money with The Amazon Kindle Fire Amazon started taking orders today on the Kindle Fire. The Fire will sell for $199 from Amazon.  But if you place your pre-orders now, you will be one of the first to get one and you can turn around and sell it on eBay for as much as […]

eBay Acquires GSI Commerce For $2.4 Billion In Cash And Debt

Are the days of the small independent seller on eBay over?  That is the reaction of many who saw today’s press release that eBay Acquires GSI Commerce For $2.4 Billion In Cash And Debt.  this is clearly an attempt by eBay to fill a huge strategic hole and compete more directly with Amazon. Here are the […]

Amazon Affiliates Limited in Illinois and Colorado.

When I released my latest book, How To Make Money with The Amazon Affiliate Program, I neglected to limit sales to Illinois and Colorado –two states that Amazon has pulled out of because those states insist Amazon collect and pay sales tax on sales that originate with affiliates in those states. So if any of […]

Small Christmas Present for My Readers

Hot Buttered Rum Its that time of year. Its the holiday season and with that comes the cold weather.  What could be better on a cold rainy or snowy day than a cup of Hot Buttered Rum.  Here is my maternal grandmother’s recipe.  I think I had my first sip from my Grandma’s cup when […]

Make Up To $2500/wk as A Social Media Manager

Social media is hot. Even though its been around several years now, the business potential for social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter is still where eBay and Amazon were ten years ago. Earlier this week, I came across a great program by Ryan Diess that was just what I was looking for to make […]

IRS Agent Fails To Report $41,842 in eBay Sales

Bloomberg April 22, 2010, 2:38 PM EDT An Internal Revenue Service agent was found liable for back taxes and penalties for not reporting income on nearly 2,000 transactions on EBay Inc., the online auction site, according to the U.S. Tax Court. Andrea Fabiana Orellana failed to report $41,842 in income in 2004 and 2005 from […]

Census Fraud & Scams Move Into High Gear This Week

Census fraud started a few months ago with phishing emails designed to get readers to fill out online census forms designed to acquire in-depth information used to commit Identity Theft.  But official census forms were mailed out nationwide this week and the census scam emails followed inviting people to throw away their census form and […]

More Proof That Women Shop When Their Husband’s Watch Football

My wife and I were watching the season opener of the Seattle Seahawks playing St Louis Rams. My wife loves football as much as I do and we enjoy rooting for the Seahawks every season even if they usually disappoint us, but Karen will usually bail out on the game once one team gets really […]

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