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FBA Stars Discount For Skip McGrath Readers

A few weeks ago I introduced you to a new Amazon training system called FBA Stars.  Several of you wrote me that you were very interested but the cost was too high.  Well I have some really good news.  I spoke with Vik, the course owner, this week and negotiated a 60% discount for my […]

Amazon Looking for Sellers to Subscribe & Save

In the past two weeks I have received three emails asking if I would consider selling in the Amazon Subscribe & Save program.  The Subscribe & Save program gives Amazon buyers small discounts and free shipping when they subscribe to regular shipments of products in the baby care, household goods, health & wellness,  pet supplies, grocery,  […]

Does California Proposition 65 Apply to my Business?

The State of California passed Proposition 65 in 1986 as a way to inform customers about hazardous chemicals in products they buy.  The law went into effect in 1988 and requires the State of California to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. The law requires you (as a seller […]

Is Dropshipping Still a Good Business Model?

You may have some experience with dropshipping – but not everyone does, so let’s take a minute to fully understand it. What exactly is drop shipping? Drop shipping is selling something you don’t own. There are many companies that offer merchandise for sale who will ship the merchandise directly to your customer once you pay […]

My 3 Best Retail Arbitrage Sources

I don’t do much Retail Arbitrage anymore because all that running around is too time-consuming.  These days I concentrate on buying wholesale products where I can just place an order by email, by telephone or on a source’s website. But I used to do a lot of retail arbitrage for several years.  It was highly […]

Setting Yourself Up For Success

This is something I have wanted to get off my chest for a while. So please forgive me if this sounds like a rant –I don’t mean it to be. Have you ever seen a forum post that went something like this: “eBay and PayPal are just out to screw us. They are the only […]

Determining Your True Selling Costs on eBay and Amazon

If I asked you how much it costs you to sell on eBay or Amazon, you might know if you would look up the fee schedule and say something like: “Amazon’s commission is 15% or eBay and PayPal fees average around 12 to 13%. If listing and selling fees were your only costs, you would […]

Tips for Growing Your Online Business in 2019

Luck can only take you so far If you want to grow your business consistently, you have to take things into your own hands. There is only one force that can make you fail and that force is you. Let’s look at some tips that can help you strengthen and grow your business in the […]

Sourcing Products to Sell on eBay or Amazon

One of the hardest tasks every online seller faces is making smart buying decisions. It’s fairly easy to find wholesale sources (I list dozens here in my blog), but how do you decide specifically what to buy? What are some of the factors that go into making a buying decision? I used to sell on […]

Amazon 3rd Party Sellers Did very well in 2018

I am often asked if Amazon is too crowded, or if the opportunity is over.  That is clearly not the case.  Look at these numbers: Last year, small- and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon (that’s us folks)  were responsible for creating  more than 900,000 jobs worldwide. Nearly 200,000 sellers exceeded $100,000/year in sales, and more […]

Are You Being Scammed or Harassed By Amazon Buyers?

You don’t hear much about this but eBay is not the only place with scammy buyers. Amazon has them too. The single, most simple, scam is when someone buys something and decides for no good reason they don’t want it. So they fill out a return request on Amazon and state the item was “defective.” […]

Wholesale Sources for eBay & Amazon Sellers

Remember; many wholesalers do not want the general public to see their wholesale pricing.  So they will often send you to a retail site or a website with no pricing.  When you see that, do two things:  First, look for a link to register for a wholesale account, and if you don’t see that, then […]

Price Lowered $30 on Complete Amazon Marketing System

Are you thinking about selling on Amazon, but don’t know how?  Do you want to sell online, but aren’t sure where to start?  Do you sell on eBay now and are wondering about making the move to Amazon?  The Complete Amazon Marketing System Whether you want to start a full-time business, or just make a […]

Why Register as a Professional Seller on Amazon?

There are several benefits to doing this.  Let’s look at the main ones: For individual sellers, Amazon charges you 15% Selling commission (on most products) plus 99¢ per sale. The fee to become a professional seller is $39.95 per month, but as a Pro Seller you are only charged 15% –and not the extra 99¢. […]

Buyer Scams eBay for $300,000+

I get emails all the time from sellers who have been screwed by eBay –or by a customer, and eBay will do nothing to help. Well, recently, eBay got a taste of their own medicine to the tune of over $300,000. It seems that a buyer discovered a glitch or hack that allowed him to […]

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