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New Wholesale Sources for eBay & Amazon Sellers

October 17th, 2018 by Skip McGrath

Wholesale Sources

A word about the sources.  I research sources who will work with small sellers, and who sell in smaller quantities, so you do not have to buy pallet or truckloads.  Not every website I link to has wholesale information, because many companies do not want the general public to see their pricing, and the website may look like a retail website.  When you run into that situation, just use the Contact Us form to request wholesale information.  Identify yourself as a “retailer” and tell them where you are located, in case they have a nearby rep.  I would not mention eBay or Amazon in that first contact –there is plenty of time for that later.  Your first goal is to see their products and pricing and determine if the line will work for you.

As for the sources agreeing to work with eBay & Amazon sellers, I work hard to determine that up front –but in all honesty, once in a while I am mislead.  When that happens, read my article on negotiating exclusives here.

So here are this week’s sources

New Wholesale Sources for eBay & Amazon Sellers

Batu Co. Inc. makes and sells 100% natural Turkish cotton, hand-woven, multi-purpose beach and bath and sports towels, clothing and accessories.

Cardthartic LLC designs and sells Cards and gifts for living with a light heart.

Jewelry Shoes Pasha are very comfortable and stylish. They made out of high grade natural leather and jeweled with real top quality Bohemian Swarovski style crystals.

Plaine Products offers sustainable personal care products that are paraben, sulfate and toxin free.  They are also biodegradable and color safe. Aloe is the main ingredient.  They are tear-free and work great customers with sensitive skin.

The Sand Store handcrafts unique sculptures and designs that represent beach side memories.

Lifeforce Glass sells Inexpensive Gifts with social and environmental meaning. All Made in the USA. They manufacturer imprinted glass stones, granite blocks, and seabeans. Custom work available.

Trend Wedding & Events sells wholesale to businesses in the wedding and special event/gift industries.

Geo Central is a leading wholesale supplier of quality, educational and fun earth-related products

Red Wing Stoneware Pottery makes promotional pieces for businesses and events all over the country. They serve corporations, events, commemoratives, and communities with their hand made products.

Smart Retailer is a great magazine with many wholesale sources every month. Click here to receive a FREE, 3-year print and digital subscription to Smart Retailer (US only, postage fees apply for International).

Helping Hand Partners sells travel products and jewelry. They work with social enterprises and fair trade artisans all over the world to help to provide a path out of poverty for at risk populations. Click on the link on the website that says Retailers to get wholesale information.

Old Modern Handicrafts (OMH) sells a wide variety of beautiful wood models of boats, planes, and old ships. And, they have a drop ship program. OMH works with a lot of online retailers and can provide the following services:

High resolution image for eBay, Amazon or your website.
They stock all their products and can send you inventory feed every day.
They can provide catalog with pricing, description, dimension, SKUs and UPC code.
They can offer special promotion monthly to drive sales
They can offer special promotion to drive sales
Drop ship Program

Fathom It Distributing Distributing “As Seen On T.V Products”:”XHose”, Water Jet Power Washer, Earth Brite All Natural Cleaning Products, Shark Pack Waterproof Cases, Child’s Cooling Towel, and the Go Booster ( Inflatable Booster Seat).

Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Sprays are environmentally friendly air fresheners designed to control organic odor with essential oils and all natural odor eliminators.

Berkeley Designs sells a line of model decorative boats and other nautical themed gift products.

Azure Green Is a large supplier of Metaphysical, Witchcraft, Pagan, Spell Crafts, and New Age supplies.



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Comment from Victoria Brown
Time October 20, 2018 at 8:49 am

Great…was afraid I wouldn’t learn more from you! Thanks

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