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Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program

October 17th, 2018 by Skip McGrath


My book, How To Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program, has been one of my best sellers since it came out and has been updated several times .  It is one of my books that I tend to get a lot of feedback on.  Several buyers have sent me links to blogs they have set up to take advantage of the program and I have been really impressed with the quality and the cleverness of what folks are doing.  I would love to show them to you, but its not fair to give away their secrets, but believe me you can do this.

Here is a look at a screenshot of my Amazon affiliate account for a recent month.



Most people who try affiliate marketing after buying some program that promises quick riches are disappointed.  The truth about affiliate marketing in the broad sense is that you have to have a large list like I do, or you have to have a blog with followers.  But the Amazon affiliate program is an exception.  If you do have loyal followers, you can make even more money with the Amazon program –but you don’t need that to get started.

And you don’t really even need a blog anymore.  A lot of people are just using their favorite social media sites to promote their affiliate links.

Amazon is the most trusted shopping site on the web, and they tend to have the lowest prices.  This means if you can deliver traffic to Amazon –they pretty much do the work selling for you.  To do this you don’t need a loyal following –but you do need traffic.  And that is what How To Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program, is all about.   I show you how to create the sites that can get the traffic to send to Amazon.  Now don’t expect results like mine above.  I have been doing this for a few years and it does take a while to build the sites and to get the traffic, but it can be done by almost anyone and if you are patient you will get good results.

Here is one of the main sites I use to refer traffic: www.EZauctionTools.com. If someone clicks on a product link at that site, they are taken directly to that item on Amazon.  Once at Amazon if they buy anything in any category within 24 hours then I earn a commission.

Unless you go big –this is not a way to make a full-time living. The earnings tend to be steady but small.  A goal of a few hundred dollars a month is very reasonable.  So look at this more as a way to make extra money or supplement your income rather than a main source of income.  But the neat thing about it is once you do the work, there isn’t much else to do.  You can earn a few hundred dollars a month with perhaps as little as one-hour of work per week.  Even that much can be the payment on a nice car –or use the money to pay off your mortgage sooner.

And as a bonus, you can use the Amazon Affiliate Program to make an extra 6% to 7% by sending traffic to the items you are selling on Amazon.  Speaking of that I am often asked what am I selling on Amazon, so here is a look at My Amazon Page.  If you see something you like, feel free to buy it.


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