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Tips on Handling Amazon Returns

February 12th, 2016 by Skip McGrath

Surely when you started your online business, you weren’t expecting to end up spending almost half your time handling returns, but the statistics are real. Returns usually comprise about 10 – 15 % of a seller’s inventory, yet on average, monopolizes about 40 % of a seller’s time.  Some Amazon sellers just look at their returns as the cost of doing business and consider it a loss. But, one of the most efficient and effective ways to make your business more profitable is to refurbish those returns & re-list them for sale on Amazon.

When dealing with returns, time is always of the essence. Not only to keep your customers happy and stay in good standing with Amazon, but any item (especially consumer electronics) depreciate in value relatively quickly. So to recover the most money out of your returns, you need a quick turn around time from when it’s been shipped back to when it has been completely refurbished and ready to re-list for sale on Amazon.

So, what is refurbishment exactly?  Refurbishment is part of the return handling process. Once a return is received, it is checked into the returned inventory system by first evaluating if the return has the correct product including: all parts, cords, etc. Next, a qualified technician:

1. Tests each item to ensure that it works properly

2. Sets the item back to its original factory defaults

3. Cleans (sterilizes, if necessary) each item thoroughly

4. Issues a ‘Condition Status’ per Amazon’s Guidelines, for example, USED – Like New

5. Repackages the item

6. Updates the item’s LPN label to re-list it for sale on Amazon

As I grew my business, the more returns I received and the less time I had to deal with them.
That’s why I choose to outsource my return handling to MarksmanRSC. In fact, in my Amazon Seller Central account I updated my ‘Ship Returns To’ address to Marksman Refurbishing Service Center (+ my five digit account#) so all my returns go directly there.

When MarksmanRSC receives my return, they check it into my inventory page per my account number so I can follow the whole process online. If a return ships in unopened, there’s no charge. The great thing is, once I see that an item on my inventory page has had it’s ‘Condition Status’ issued (usually within 3 days), I know it’s been completely refurbished and can then use that status to immediately relist it for sale on Amazon. If it sells in less than three months, MarksmanRSC dropships my order directly to the customer (or back to FBA) and there’s no warehouse charge. Outsourcing my returns has totally opened up my time to focus on growing my business and it costs me less than doing it myself. Registration & quotes are free and they only charge per item serviced. To learn more about outsourcing your returns, here’s a link to MarksmanRSC’s website and youtube channel.

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