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Easy and Cheap international shipping with eBay’s new Global Shipping Program

January 24th, 2013 by Skip McGrath

If you’re like most sellers, shipping internationally can be a lot of work and expensive for your buyers. There are customs forms you have to deal with, import charges that your buyers never want to pay for, and expensive shipping costs. Shipping internationally is definitely not easy, but the international market is huge and there are a lot of buyers willing to buy from the USA.
Well the good news is eBay has rolled out their new “Global shipping Program”. The program is currently a pilot program (Beta) and is expected to fully roll out later this year.
Here’s a video with a brief overview of the program and how it works.



The main benefits of opting into eBay’s Global Shipping Program are:
1. Cheaper shipping costs for your buyers because eBay consolidates shipments and ships in bulk
2. eBay takes care of all the custom forms
3. Buyer is aware of the import costs up front
4. Buyer pays for all import costs at checkout so you don’t have to worry about the buyer refusing packages due to expensive duties and taxes
5. Tracking is provided to your buyers
6. Sellers have seen a large increase as much as 20% due to opening up their products to the international market
eBay itself isn’t the one handling the logistics of the program. They hired a 3rd party logistics provider (Pitney Bowes) to handle all of their international shipments. Sellers are required to ship their packages to a distribution center in Kentucky and then your shipments are sorted and distributed to their proper destinations.
If you’re looking to expand your international business the global shipping program might be for you.

Click here to see if you quality for the program and how to opt in.


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Comment from Jane anderson
Time January 24, 2013 at 5:55 pm

actually as an international buyer, I’m pretty unhappy about the new “global shipping program” and will be using ebay a whole lot less now.

Clearly my fault for not reading the small print down the page enough – but then wasn’t looking to be scammed by ebay itself.

It is now more expensive for me to buy internationally. I see absolutely no value to this. And to be told these are custom charges and taxes? what a joke.

yes I’m very unhappy about it.

Comment from Georgene Brown
Time January 25, 2013 at 1:36 pm

Regarding ebay’s Global Shipping Program, about 40% of our business on ebay involves overseas shipments. I wanted to point out that we have been unable to use this new ebay program because one of our niche products, which accounts for about 60% of our overseas sales, is a line of maybe 30 different craft items from one company where we often sell several of the items at a time to a customer. The items weigh 1 oz up to 2 pounds each and there might be 5 in the box. Most of the time, the shipments are 4# or under and ship USPS 1st Class International. We offer combined shipping rates where the customer pays shipping based on the total weight of the one box. This can save them anywhere from $2 to $30 on shipping depending on the contents of the box. If they don’t wait for an invoice so that I can change the shipping cost for them, then we issue a refund on their PayPay account after we ship.
I have talked to ebay’s Global Shipping Program about this and they say there is no way for them to offer combined shipping discounts. The customer will have to pay our shipping amount for each item separately. For this reason alone, we decided not to use ebay’s program even though it would definitely benefit us in many ways.

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