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      The Dog Ate My FBA Shipment & Amazon and California Make Nice

      September 9th, 2011 by Skip McGrath

      Puppies are so cute –but you have to watch them all the time. I spent yesterday preparing a shipment to Amazon’s FBA of all the products I bought at Costco and Home Depot over the weekend.

      I had everything neatly laid out on the floor of my office. I went into FBA Power  (now called ScanPower) and printed the product labels and saved the shipment to Amazon. I laid the labels on top of each product and then took a break.

      After a 15 minute coffee break I was heading back upstairs to the office when I noticed shreds of white paper strewn all over the stairs. “What the heck it this,” I thought. I picked up the paper and realized they were my product labels. Our new puppy Kipling thought they were great. He chewed up over 30 labels. Since the whole shipment had been saved to Amazon I had to start all over again. Gerrrrr! (Don’t worry I still love the dog)

      Amazon and California Resolve Sales Tax Dispute

      From eCommercebytes:
      Amazon, California Reportedly Strike Deal in Sales Tax Standoff

      The fight between Amazon.com and the state of California over a requirement to collect sales taxes appears to be coming to an end with reports that Amazon may agree to collect sales tax on in-state transactions beginning September 2012.


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      Comment from Theresa H Hall
      Time September 12, 2011 at 3:21 am

      Kipling has a great name (he is so handsome) and he is already trying to LABLE himself! Ha. :)

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