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Amazon Overtakes eBay in Visitors

May 6th, 2009 by Skip McGrath

comScore shows that Amazon passed eBay for the first time

According to comScore, Amazon had 60 million visitors to its site compared with 50 million a year ago. By comparison, eBay had 70 million visitors, down from 80.1 million a year ago. Amazon clearly has the potential to overtake eBay unless eBay can rebuild its visitor count.

eBay also announced today that it would be closing its customer service center in Vancouver, BC cutting 700 jobs.

There is a strange dichotomy going on with eBay. One one hand eBay is cutting costs as most companies do when their profitability falls. eBay has virtually eliminated its advertising. On the other hand eBay is sitting on billions of dollars of cash that is being underutilized and they will be raising more cash with the sale of Stumbleupon and Skype. Meanwhile their market share is eroding. It looks like eBay is more worried about Wall Street’s reaction to a bad quarter than doing what is right for the long-term health and success of the core business.

Amazon, who has growing sales but far less cash, is still investing in their growth. There are rumors that they will soon acquire the Seattle based online jewelry seller, Blue Nile –and some have even speculated that Amazon could buy Netflix.

Meanwhile Amazon continues to court eBay and other online sellers. An independent group, the Seller’s Conference for Online Entrepreneurs will hold an event in Seattle. The event which will feature speakers from Amazon is called The  Independent Conference for Entrepreneurs who utilize amazon.com
as a sales platform.

Dates = July 10-13 2009
Place – Seattle Airport Marriott and Amazon HQ

This conference is presented to allow sellers to network, learn and grow their online businesses. Executives from amazon.com will be on hand to lead sessions, answer questions and receive feedback.

The Website for information is: http://www.scoe.biz

The cost is $250 per person, but that is not so much is you really want to be a serious seller.

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