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Could Sara Palin Become The Hottest Niche on eBay?

September 4th, 2008 by Skip McGrath

When it comes to instant hot niches related to news stories and events, Cafe Press usually leads the way. Sara Palin is Hot on Cafe Press and becoming hot on eBay.

After Sara Palin’s speech to the Republican convention last night, I got up this morning and went to Cafe Press, the site where independent online sellers create and sell merchandise like tee shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers and so on.  Sara Palin was on the front page. When I did a search, I saw over 500 separate items for sale.

Next I went to eBay.  At the time of this writing, there are only about 20 listings for Sara Palin merchandise on eBay, but the number of listing is growing by the minute.

A few months ago I wrote an article in my newsletter about the niche of selling your own design tee shirts on Cafe Press and eBay.  This is a great eBay niche business –but it is not limited to eBay. If fact many sellers are now selling far more on Cafe Press than on eBay.

Cafe Press is set up so you can design a tee shirt (or coffee mug, ballcap, etc.), upload the design to Cafe Press, put it in your Cafe Press store (sort of like an eBay store) and people can order it online. The best part is that Cafe Press does the manufacturing and shipping for you –all you do is collect the money.

Once you have an item on Cafe Press ready to ship, you list the item on eBay. When you make a sale and are paid for the item, you just go into your Cafe Press account, pay the wholesale amount and they ship it to the customer for you.  This is basically an instant drop ship business.

Political campaigns are always a great time for these sellers. Last week it was all Obama all of the time. This week its Sara Palin.  If you are going to play in this market you have to be a news junkie and you have to be quick. The first sellers are the ones who will make all of the money.

Skip McGrath

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