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Making Extra Money During The Summer Slowdown on eBay

July 26th, 2008 by Skip McGrath

The summer doldrums are upon us. We had a pretty good June but my sales really crashed in July.

A lot of folks think the slowdown is due to the changes on eBay –and some of it could be, but in fact I usually see this every year. Business should pickup in late August as the back-to-school season starts and then continue strong through the Fall if this year follows past patterns.  Although, the economy is weaker this year and consumer spending is slowing –so you just can’t be sure.

For a long time now I have advised eBay sellers not to put all their eggs in one basket and I still advise this. If you are just starting out on eBay I wouldn’t go running off doing different things yet –take the time to master eBay first before you branch out.  Trying to do too many different things at once is a real recipe for frustration and disaster.  But if you do need to make a little extra money, here is something you should look at.  My friend Avril Harper has just created a great little package you may want to look at.

A Complete Newbies’ Guide to Making Money at ClickBank

For years I’ve been writing and publishing about eBay, selling on eBay, and in my spare time I promote other people’s products at ClickBank.

Selling other people’s products at ClickBank is perhaps the easiest and fastest earning of all the businesses I currently run; there are so many excellent products to choose from, most with top notch sales letters that convert like crazy into sales earning you up to 75% the price of those products.

In all honesty I don’t earn that much at Clickbank –but I also don’t spend much time on it.  Typically I work just a few hours a week promoting Clickbank sales as the vast majority of my time is spent writing and selling on eBay.

If you’re a complete newbie, this book’s written just for you, it starts by showing you how to open a ClickBank account and takes you, step by step, through the various steps involved in making a good income on ClickBank.

Avril’s book even shows you how to create and upload a really professional looking web site using nothing but ‘Microsoft Word’ and I promise you, if you follow the simple instructions involved, YOU WILL be able to upload a web site in less than one hour.

And if you don’t like the book, you don’t have to keep it. Avril offers all her customers a sixty day money back guarantee. She even shows you how much she earned in the past few weeks in one of her own ClickBank accounts.

I am pretty experienced working with Clickbank products –but I must say even i learned a bunch of new stuff and the bonus materials that come with Avril’s book gave me a ton of new ideas and resources that I can use.

As i said at the beginning, promoting Clickbank sales is not for everyone, but if A Complete Newbies’ Guide to Making Money at ClickBank will work for you it is a great way to supplement your eBay and website income.

Best of all, Avril gives very good support with her products. If you do email her and don’t get a quick answer, be a little patient. She is physically located in the UK and about 8 time zones away. Best of all her book works fine internationally –it not written for the UK but it works fine there too for my international readers.

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