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Protecting Your Reputation Under the New eBay Feedback Policy

May 21st, 2008 by Skip McGrath

A lot of sellers are stressing out over the new eBay Feedback Policy whereby you can no longer leave negative feedback for bad buyers.

Most of us don’t like the new system, but it is here and there isn’t much we can do about it.  eBay has done one thing under the new policy that can help.  They have created a page where sellers can go to report abusive buyers and non-paying bidders.

The new page is located at: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/report_problem.html. Every eBay seller should bookmark this page.

There are links on the page to take action in five different categories as well as links to the policies and tips for using them to your advantage.  the five categories are:

Unpaid Item
You didn’t receive payment for an item you sold on eBay.

Feedback Extortion
The buyer is threatening to leave negative or neutral Feedback for you unless you provide goods or services not included in your original listing.

Feedback Abuse
The buyer included your name or phone number in a Feedback comment or is bidding on your item solely to leave you negative Feedback.

Unwelcome and Malicious Buying
The buyer does not meet the terms you’ve outlined in your listing and is not permitted to bid on or buy the item.

Customs Fraud
The buyer is requesting you to provide false information on a customs declaration form.

Report Another Problem
Get help with other eBay transaction problems or safety concerns.

Each title on the page is a hyperlink that takes you to a form to report a problem. Under the new feedback policy, if you report a bidder and that bidder is suspended or removed from eBay, then eBay will remove any feedback left by them and adjust your score.

Under the old feedback system a lot of sellers used to avoid filing a non-paying bidder request because they were afraid that the NPB would give them a negative feedback. In fact this happened a lot and was a major seller complaint for years. With the new system I will not hesitate to file an NPB request.

Lastly one of the things I often see when I get hit with a non-paying bidder or bidders that are doing something strange is that they don’t have correct contact information listed in their eBay account.  When this happens I report them to eBay and they are almost immediately cancelled. If you look up a member’s contact information and there is obviously a phony address or phone number just report them to eBay as this is one of the leading tip offs to fraud.

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