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Get started selling on eBay or Learn How To Sell on eBay with eBay Free Listing Promotion for New eBay Sellers

May 17th, 2007 by Skip McGrath

If you have been waiting to learn how to sell on eBay but were afraid of all the fees, now is your chance.

eBay announced a Free Listing Promotion for new sellers that will run from today (May 17th) through the end of May 2007. Now you can get the insertion fees and Gallery upgrades [http://pages.ebay.com/sell/gallery-landingpage/?ssPageName=CMDV:AB] for your first three listings free on www.ebay.com!

The Get 3 Free First Time Seller Promotion [http://pages.ebay.com/promo/newsellers07/] will begin Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 00:00:01 Pacific time (12:00 a.m. plus one second) and continue through Thursday, May 31, 2007 until midnight.

Here is an opportunity to try eBay with no risk.  So get into the garage or your attic and find that old pasta machine you never use, or the extra set of socket wrenches or some of the wedding gifts that have been gathering dust.  Take a good photo and upload the photos to your computer.  Now go to www.eBay.com and click on the tab that says SELL and follow the simple steps to list your items.

If you are confused or uncertain how to list and sell your item, we have just published the updated beginners guide – The New Basic Guide To Selling on eBay.  Here are some of the subjects covered in the book:

  • What Headline Should I Use?
  • What eBay Category Should I list in?
  • What is the best day and time of day to start and end an auction?
  • Should I feature my auction?
  • How do I insert an image or photo into my eBay auction?
  • How can I make the typeface larger, smaller, bold, italics, etc.?
  • How do I collect money and communicate with my buyers?
  • How do I get good feedback?
  • How do I build my eBay feedback rating?
  • How do I use Reserve Price Auctions
  • How do I shop my competition?
  • How do I run multiple auctions at specified times?
  • How do I save money on eBay’s fees?
  • How can I accept credit cards without a merchant account?
  • How do I increase the number of hits on my auction listing?
  • How do I price my product for maximum margin?
  • How do I get customers to pay me quickly?
  • How can I drive more potential bidders to my auction?

OK – Now here is the best part. A special deal just for my readers: 

If you purchase the New Basic Guide to Selling on eBay for $19.95 and decide you really like eBay and want to learn how to become a real eBay Power Seller, I will credit the full purchase price towards the cost of our flagship product, The Complete eBay Marketing System. Just email us at the address in the book and we will send you a link to purchase the complete system at the reduced price. 

So take advantage of eBay’s free listing offer and start selling on eBay. If you are unsure how to begin, send for our book.  If you order before May 25th. you will have it in time to get your free listings in. 

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