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Day Job Killer and Update on Selling Info Products on eBay

February 6th, 2007 by Skip McGrath

The Day Job Killer is the Latest Product from the Creator of Project X.

This is not for everyone. But if you want to make money from affiliate programs and Google AdSense You will want to see this.

This blog is for eBay sellers, but a lot of my readers also have websites and like to earn money from affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.  Last year, Rob XYZ (He is a 34 year-old affiliate guru from the NYC who won’t reveal his name, came out with a product called Project X that I used to increase my income from Google AdSense and my affiliate banners by over 200%.

The Day Job Killer is his latest product and it just launched today.  It sells for $77 today through Thursday and then the price will go up to $97 or possibly more.  I just got a look at it and its worth every penny.  Warning these are not techniques for the squeamish.  They are all honest –nothing illegal or unethical –but this is Gorilla marketing at its best.  Now don’t buy this if you aren’t ready to work at it.  It will take you a couple of hours to study the material, you will have to invest some time in learning how Google AdSense works if you don’t already use it, and then it will take a few hours to set up your ads.  But if you are ready to invest the time, he can show you how to make money from Google AdSense and Clickbank even if you don’t have a web site –and how to really drive affiliate income if you do have a blog or a web site. Click here to learn more about the Day Job Killer.

Now on to Selling Info Products on eBay

Since I published How To Create and Sell Information Products on eBay, I keep getting emails from people asking how you can make money selling eBooks on eBay for 99-cents. If you read the information on my product page carefully you will see that I am NOT talking about those sorts of products.  What happens is people go to eBay and see all of the info products selling for 99-cents or $1.99 and that is all they see.  That is because there are so many of them.  What they don’t see are the hundreds if not thousands of eBooks, Videos, DVDs and other forms of “how to” and “learn-to” information or the many reference guides people are selling.  These typically only come up when you search a topic or product category.  For example if you searched the term video camera, you would find an eBook entitled How To Make Money With Your Video Camera ($15.95) or if you searched Soldered Glass Art Pendants you would find a book about how to make Instruction Manual to Make Soldered Glass Art Pendants ($12.95).  These are just a couple of examples.  Some of the other titles I found include:


How to Catch More Bass Guarranteed NEW

How to Start Your Own Picture Framing Business” DVD





How To make Money Buying real Estate Pre-Foreclosures

Window Tint Bus TRAINING Learn How to Tinting Video DVD

Some of these books and DVDs are about making money –but many of them are not. They are written for hobbyists and those wanting to learn new skills –and none of them sell for $0.99 or $1.99.  They all sell for between  $20 and $100.

So what about all those 99-cent eBooks on eBay?  What are they about. Why are people doing that and how are they making money?

Let me answer the last question first –most of them are not making money. They are doing one of three things:

  1. They are selling a low cost product just to build up their feedback. eBay is trying to crack down on this with some success.  I predict (and hope) in the near future that eBay will put some minimum price required for any information product.  It would not have to be too high –even $4.99 would get rid of a lot of these creeps.
  2. Some are from honest –but naive people who bought an eBook with resale rights thinking they could make money reselling it.  Most –but not all, books that come with resale rights are nothing more than a viral marketing technique by the original creator of the eBook.  The book you are selling contains links to his website where he upsells more expensive readers and you get nothing of that.
  3. The last category are selling cheap eBooks as a loss leader to generate hits and income on their website or even their eBay store.  There is nothing wrong with this as long as the book they are selling delivers real value rather than just another sales letter –and the product they are selling also delivers real value.

In How To Create and Sell Information Products on eBay, I stress three concepts that you must employ if you want to be successful:

  • Create and Deliver a quality product
  • Deliver real value for the money you charge
  • Offer a No-questions-asked money back guarantee on everything you sell

What it comes down to is that if I sign my name to something, my reputation is on the line.  If I don’t follow those three rules my reputation gets trashed –and I probably won’t make any money.

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