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Learn To Create and Sell Information Products on eBay and The Internet

January 21st, 2007 by Skip McGrath

Information is one of the oldest and most profitable products…period.

Whenever I hear the term Information Products, I immediately think of the dozens of Get Rich Quick schemes that crowd my email inbox every day. Although Info Products do fall in that category, in fact there are thousands of information products available on hundreds of subjects – most of which have nothing to do with making money. With the right tools and a little work you can create and sell these products on eBay for nice profits.

Forget all those quick-money stupid eBooks you buy with free resale rights –I am talking about real information products that deliver real value and actually help people.

When you buy a daily newspaper or pick up a computer magazine at your local newsstand, you are buying information. Think of how many times you have purchased a how to report, article or book so you could learn how to do something.

If you are a collector, have you ever purchased a price guide? My wife is a quilter. She has purchased dozens of instructional books and quilt patterns over the years. Until recently she always bought printed books, but recently she has bought some great eBooks and quilting patterns on eBay and from web stores –all of it in digital format.

Do you have a skill, some unique knowledge or a talent you would like to share with others and get paid for doing it?  Or is there a subject you are passionate about and would like to share your passion with others?

Information can be about anything.

When I use the term information here, I am referring to non-fiction. Although technically you can create fictional products and sell them on eBay and the internet, I think that is a different specialty.

Selling eBooks and other information products on eBay and the wider internet is a highly profitable business. And, you don’t have to  only sell electronically delivered products such as e-Books, although that is probably the easiest and fastest way to make money. For years I created a niche for myself selling printed instruction manuals. They appealed to lots of people who just weren’t comfortable using an e-Book. Today I sell both – physical books and e-Books.

Information products also include photography, videos, eBooks, membership in subscription-based websites, and audio files whether you deliver them electronically as mp3 or actually mail out a CD or DVD.

A lot of people want to write an eBook but they don’t have good writing skills.  Don’t worry about this.  You don’t even have to know how to write well to create information products. I will show you how.

I recently created a new printed instruction manual called How To Create and Sell Information Products on eBay.  The book is coil bound, 140 pages and comes with three bonus CDs, including Bob Serling’s excellent eBook on writing sales letters and sales copy to help sell your book.

I have been selling this course for about four months now and the reviews have been excellent.  When I introduced the book, I made an offer to the first 100 readers, to review their first information product.  I am now extending that to the next 100 people who purchase the book.

You can buy it on eBay from the link on this page or link from the title to my website to learn more about the course and what is included.

I will show you sources and services to help you create your products, how to sell them and how to deliver them. I have also included specific information about sourcing and packaging products that are in the public domain.  There are existing information products that you can source for free and resell without worry about copyright violations. We cover these topics in this book and much-much more.

So visit me at the web site or look for How To Create Information Products on eBay in my eBay store.

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