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How to Start and Run an eBay Consignment Business

March 1st, 2006 by Skip McGrath

What on-line business can you start that has virtually no risk?

What on-line business can you start with little or no investment that can return thousands of dollars per week?

What on-line business can you start with a guaranteed market of 50 million customers?

What on-line business can you start Part-time and quickly grow into a full-time business you can live on?

My name is Skip McGrath. I am an eBay Power Seller and successful web site entrepreneur. Although I have been selling on eBay successfully for over five years, last year I discovered the “perfect” eBay business. I have written it all down in my newest book: How to Start & Run An eBay Consignment Business.

Since eBay launched the Trading Assistant program, over 50,000 eBay sellers have registered as Trading Assistants to help other people sell their goods. EBay consignment businesses have started to spring up all over the United States and some of the first ones are starting to appear in Germany and the UK. There are 35 million users on eBay U.S. and 50 million worldwide…and growing every day. Yet there are still millions of people who know little about eBay or are afraid to try it. Another market is the millions of people who know about eBay, but just don’t have the time or inclination to try it.

This is the perfect business.

The biggest problem eBay sellers have is finding merchandise at a low enough price to sell on eBay. With a consignment business, people give you merchandise to sell with no risk on your part. You auction the goods on eBay and pay the consignor (the person who gave you the goods) the proceeds of the sale less your commission and fees. If something doesn’t sell, you simply return the item to the consignor.

How To Start & Run an eBay Consignment Business comes with access to a special web page that includes consignment contracts, fee schedules, pre-written advertisements and sales letters that you can download and use to promote your business.

How To Start & Run an eBay Consignment Business is available at your local bookstore and online from Barnes & Noble.com and Amazon.com.

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